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no image available FRN-R-2/10 Bussmann by Eaton Fuse Class RK5 Slow Blow Holder 250V 200mA
TAJR106M006RNJ TAJR106M006RNJ Image Match (19) Datasheet
332 products
AVX Capacitor; Tantalum; Cap 10 uF; Tol 20%; SMT; Vol-Rtg 6.3V; Cut Tape
Tantalum Capacitors
CXE380D5 CXE380D5 Image Match (8) Datasheet
17 products
Sensata - Crydom Solid State Relay PCB Mount Zero Crossing SCR 5 A 32 V
Solid State Relays
no image available PKW 3M-P7X2-1-RS 4T/S90 Datasheet
4898 products
Turck PKW 3M-P7X2-1-RS 4T/S90; U2-02346
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available AFM60A-BERA262144 Datasheet
304 products
SICK Absolute Encoder; 18Bit; Male Conn; Radial; Gray; Blind Hollow Shaft; 12 mm
no image available 11-32-1539 Molex SIDE FRAME
Machine Tool Parts & Accessories
no image available LFRS-3/4-D-MAXI-KE Festo Filter Regulator; air; MAXI; distr; pr sw; 40 mic; man drn; G3/4; gau
Air Filters/Regulators
no image available EDC334Z6R3C Datasheet
54 products
Cornell-Dubilier Supercapacitor; 0.33F; 6.3V; 70C
no image available LT-1571-111-125 Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; Illuminated Actuator; LT Series
Toggle Switches
4700.0019.H 4700.0019.H Image Match (24) Datasheet
23 products
Power Entry Module Accessories
no image available XT1HU4045AFF000XXX Abb XT1H 125 TMF 45-500 4P F F UL/CSA
no image available VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G112-350-H3B1-50-8 Festo Valve; angle seat; brass; NBR seal; 0-8bar; G1-1/2; 2/2 NC
Mechanical Valves
no image available B1-080SI Box Enclosures ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE, 2 PLATES, 8 SCREWS,SILVER ANODIZED, 1.8 H X 2.5 W X 3.15 L
Electronic Enclosure
no image available U90263L20112017 Akro-Mils Platform Truck; ULTRA/Deck; Handle L; Polyurethane; 30W
no image available 45-481.1810 EAO Pushbutton Palm Switch,Sealed,Momentary,Black Mushroom Head,Plastic Gray Base
Pushbutton Switches
B81123C1152M B81123C1152M Image Match (8) Datasheet
2 products
EPCOS Epcos B81123 1.5nF Polypropylene Film Capacitor 500 V ac ±20%; Through Hole
Film Capacitors
D38999/23NG35CD D38999/23NG35CD Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23NG35CDHermeticDTS24N
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
WE02-HDA03-AD00 WE02-HDA03-AD00 Image Match (87) Datasheet
232 products
Dwyer Instruments 2" Double Acting; 3-Piece NPT StainlessSteel Ball Valve; 24 VDC Solenoid
Air Operated Valve
8304 060500 8304 060500 Datasheet
3 products
Belden Multiconductor Cable; 4Pr; 22AWG; 7x30; TC; Foil&Braid; Chrome PVC jkt; CMG
Multiconductor Cables
no image available BFC246952562 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 5; 6nF ?5% 400Vdc Pitch 10mm
Film Capacitors
no image available PLB3G520H07 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Receptacle Panel Mount Gray 7 Pin 5 A PLB Series
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available E-RKS 8T-930-55 Turck E-RKS 8T-930-55; U-45116
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 004305626 Altech Fuse, NH3, aR, G, 500A, 1000VAC 200kA AC, For hMicroswitch MK
no image available HSTTN175-CY Panduit Heat Shrink ThinWall Chlorinated Polyolefin; 1.75"; Black
EDS-308-SS-SC-80 EDS-308-SS-SC-80 Image Match (12) Datasheet
14 products
Moxa Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch with 6 10/100BaseT(X) ports,2 long-haul (8
Ethernet Switches
54330-1 54330-1 Te Connectivity Power Connector Contact Copper Silver 6 AWG (Max.) Solder (Wire) 0.048 in
Rectangular Contacts
no image available TXM 320-112 TRACO Power Power Supply; AC-DC; Enclosed; Single Output 12V@25A; Vin 90-264V; TXM Series
no image available M2018ES1W03 Datasheet
1621 products
NKK Switches Switch,Toggle,SPDT,(ON)-OFF-(ON),.450 Flatted Actuator,6A,125VAC,.250 Str PC
Toggle Switches
no image available AF40-30-22-12 Abb CTR 3P 42A 48-130VAC/DC 2/2
XMLR160M1N25 XMLR160M1N25 Image Match (101) Telemecanique Sensors PRESSURE SWITCH 160 BAR 24V 4-20MA 1 NPN DISPLAY G1/4A FEMALE M12 CONNECTOR
Pressure Sensors
no image available 2-5000-P10-A3-H-10A E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control Circuit Breaker Flange Mnt Push-To-Reset Man. Release QC 1P 250VAC/50VDC 10A
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available STL015L2CN Te Connectivity TE; A&D Connectors; Relay; STL015L2CN =SMT CONN
1415628 1415628 Image Match (6) Phoenix Contact Cable Assembly, M12 Male 90-M12 Female Straight, 4 Con, M12 Cordset Series
Industrial Cable Assemblies
MCP4251-103E/P MCP4251-103E/P Datasheet
17 products
Microchip Technology Digital Potentiometer, ICs Dual 8B V SPI POT
Digital Potentiometers
no image available PIR6W-1PS-60VDC-T Altech Industrial relay; Interface relay; SPST(1NO) 60VDC input; 2A max/240VAC out
Signal Relays
2BK60H 2BK60H Browning FHP CI H BORE SHEAVES; 1043058
Wedge & Vee Belt Pulleys
no image available H220360114011 Datasheet
2477 products
TC74A4-5.0VCTTR TC74A4-5.0VCTTR Image Match (177) Datasheet
40 products
Microchip Technology SOT-23 Serial Digital Thermal Sensor
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
TGHMV5R00JE TGHMV5R00JE Image Match (15) Datasheet
15 products
Ohmite 5 OHM 300 WATT SOT227 5% TF
Film Resistors
8987788 8987788 RS Pro by Allied Indicator 0.9"Panel Mount LED Flush Blue Faston Solder Lug Term. 0.7"Lamp Size
no image available IMC2586M12 Crouzet Switch; IPD M8-6mm NONShld 3W NPN NO M12CNCTR
MCP6141T-I/MS MCP6141T-I/MS Image Match (357) Datasheet
47 products
Microchip Technology G>10; Single 1.6V 100 khz OP; I temp
Operational Amplifiers
no image available M22M-WRS3-A1 Eaton - Cutler Hammer Key Switch Operator, 22mm, Three-Position, Maintained, Metal, RMQ-Titan Series
Selector Switches
no image available N9936AU-307 Keysight Technologies GPS receiver function - perpetual license
Test Software
no image available FSH20-ACA 1304.5970.20 Datasheet
175 products
Rohde and Schwarz Accredited Calibration; FSH20ACA
Warranty & Calibration
no image available LAP36400MTFT Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 600V 400A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
RN-0924S RN-0924S Image Match (61) Datasheet
75 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; 1.25W DIP8 1kV Unregulated; Single; 24V; 1.248A; RN Series
DC-DC Converters
no image available 2GK53-73 Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; General Purpose; G Series
Toggle Switches
no image available ETQP5M220YFK Datasheet
4 products
Panasonic WireWound SMD Inductor w/ Metal Core; 22uH ±20% WireWound 4.8A Idc
568613 568613 Image Match (2) ERIFLEX Earthing and Neutral Busbar; 218 A Max Current Rating; 148 kcmil
Terminal Block Busbars
LEDWRM62X62W LEDWRM62X62W Image Match (14) Datasheet
14 products
Banner Engineering Presenceplus 62X62 mm Ring Light; For Pro Mini Cam; PresencePLUS Series
Lighting Products
no image available PCS8-S Mersen Fuse, Midget, Fast Acting, Direct to PC, Surface Mount, 600VAC/DC, 8A
1965013 1965013 Image Match (563) Datasheet
197 products
RS Pro by Allied Nitrile Rubber O-Ring Seal, 6.5mm Bore,12.5mm Outer Diameter
Seals & O-Rings
no image available E-RKS 8T-930-0.3-RSS 8T/S771 Turck E-RKS 8T-930-0.3-RSS 8T/S771, U-58872
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 99-1486-812-08 Binder UK CABLE CONNECTOR
no image available HGE254-73XDU1 Carling Technologies Toggle Switch; General Purpose; H/I Series
Toggle Switches
no image available T4051420004-005 Te Connectivity M8 Cable RA FEMALE 5M 4P PUR Cable
no image available 0508-0-00-15-00-00-03-0 Mill-Max IC & Component Sockets 10u AU OVER NI
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available RNC90Y549R00TR Datasheet
1425 products
Vishay Precision Foil Resistor; Bulk Metal Foil; T/H; RNC90Y549R00TR
Metal Foil Resistors
no image available A9N21555 Schneider Electric IDPN MINCIRCUITBREAKER 1P-N 6A C 6000A 10KA
Circuit Breaker Accessories
no image available RKF 501-642/6F Lumberg Automation / Hirschmann CORDSET; 7/8" FEMALE RECEPTACLE; 5 POLE; 6 FT CABLE; PANEL MOUNT; 500000832
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available RNC60H8252FRB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale ERC-55-200 82.5K 1% T-2 RNC60H8252FR B14
Film Resistors
no image available PLA1G623005 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Straight Plug w/Cable Gray 5 Pin 7 A PLA Series
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available KT5RG-2P1126 Datasheet
90 products
SICK Contrast Sensor; PNP; 10 mm; Rectangular; LED; Red; Green; 100 mA; M12; 4-Pin Male
Photoelectric Sensors
no image available ERA-3VRW2202V Panasonic 0603 thin film res; 0.05%; 10ppm 22KOhm
Film Resistors
no image available PIC16F874-04I/P Datasheet
121 products
Microchip Technology 7 KB Flash; 192 RAM; 33 I/O40 PDIP.600in TUBE
no image available SST38VF6403B-70I/CD Datasheet
20 products
Microchip Technology 2.7V to 3.6V 64Mbit pm Parallel Advanced MPF
Flash Memory Chips
no image available CCNA/040/W/8 Norgren CNOMO CYLINDER
no image available WSL2010R2900FEA Vishay Dale Current Sense; Resistor; WSL-2010.291%EAe3
Current Sense Resistors
no image available H23102402253D Datasheet
2477 products
05380202001 05380202001 Image Match (5) Wera Tools 851/4 J bits; PH 1 x 89 mm
no image available AF38-30-00K-12 Abb AF38K 3P 48-130VAC/DC
2132189-2 2132189-2 Datasheet
11 products
Te Connectivity 2P SL156 HSG W/LCK RMP; TABS; rtnr
Standard Circular Connectors
NCP4620DSN15T1G NCP4620DSN15T1G Image Match (28) Datasheet
12 products
ON Semiconductor NCP4620DSN15T1G; Single LinearVoltageRegulator; 165mA 1.5V; ±1%; 5-Pin SOT-23
Linear Voltage Regulators
F66GCP F66GCP Image Match (7) Datasheet
183 products
Hoffman Closure Plate with knockouts Gray; 6.00x6.00; Steel
Cabinet & Rack Cable Management
0711823 0711823 Image Match (9) Phoenix Contact FiXed bridge, Number of positions: 2 Color: blue,FBRI 2-8 N SO BU/BU
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
no image available 52AAENC Siemens 3S6/120; 120V INCANDESCENT; CANDELABRA
PIC24FJ128GB106-I/MR PIC24FJ128GB106-I/MR Datasheet
35 products
Microchip Technology 16-Bit; 16 MIPS 128KB Flash; 8192 bytesRAM; 53 I/O; nanoWatt
no image available 0965-0-15-20-80-14-11-0 Mill-Max IC & Component Sockets Ultra Lo-ProfileSMT
Jones Plugs & Sockets
no image available ACA3106F16-10PB(F80)(A232 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Plug Straight; SZ-16
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available PDG34GH250D2WJ Datasheet
794 products
Eaton - Cutler Hammer PDG3; Four Pole; 250A-High; 35KA/480V; PXR20D LSI
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
PPF2018 PPF2018 Image Match (48) Datasheet
7 products
Hoffman Internal Panel, Subpanel, Steel, White, For use with 2000 X 1800 mm
Electrical Internal Panels
CG483U025X4C CG483U025X4C Image Match (179) Datasheet
104 products
Cornell-Dubilier Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic, Screw Terminal 48000uF 25V
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
BOS015F BOS015F Image Match (31) Balluff Sensor; Photoelectric Retroreflective; Block; Red light; 4m; NPN; LO; M8; 3-pin
Photoelectric Sensors
1417755 1417755 Image Match (4) RS Pro by Allied Hi-Visibility Mens Sweatshirt Cotton, Polyester Yellow Size 2X ANSI
Long Sleeve Shirts
1444193 1444193 RS Pro by Allied Connector 7 Wire Cable Mount Plug w/Female Solder Contacts IP68
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available PIC32MX450F128HT-I/RG Datasheet
173 products
Microchip Technology 100MHz; 2 analog comp.; 2I2C; 2SPI/I2S; 28 Ch. ADC; RTCC; DMA; PMP; USB
no image available BWU1651 Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-3 Modbus TCP Gateway in Stainless Steel; 2 masters
2960009 2960009 Phoenix Contact DPDT Screw Mount Interface Relay ModuleScrew; 2A Maximum of 12V dc
218RWPX 218RWPX Epson Label Works PX Industrial Tape Cartridge, Red on White, Polyester, 3/4" x 30 Ft, PX Series
no image available LW6GLM1C32R IDEC Push button Illuminated
E53TP50C-10 E53TP50C-10 Image Match (20) Datasheet
32 products
Sensata - Crydom RELAY; P20; 530VAC; 50A; 3 PHASE SSR; RAN
no image available MKT1820722065M BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 220F10% 63Vdc Pitch 37; 5
Film Capacitors
16DMK1M0 16DMK1M0 Image Match (175) Datasheet
405 products
GEMS Sensors Relay; Warrick; DPDT; 2NO2NC; Inverse 4.7K; 120 VAC
Level Controllers
no image available 52687091 Wika Instruments Pressure gauge; analog; 111.10.20; 10BAR; 2"; 1/8" G; lower mount
Pressure Gauges & Vacuum Gauges
SU1500RTXLCDN SU1500RTXLCDN Tripp Lite Tripp Lite 1500VA 1350W UPS Smart Online 120V w Installed SNMPWEBCARD 2URM
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
no image available PFT-FRB1X0SF1OSSAMSSL Datasheet
233 products
SICK Pressure Sensor; PFT; Liquid; Gaseous; 0bar-1bar; #30°C-+100°C; 4mA-20mA; 2Wire
Pressure Sensors
no image available HED43B040 Siemens Circuit Breaker HED4 3P 480V 40A
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available AKT82121011 Datasheet
527 products
Panasonic Temperature Controller; KT8; 48x96mm; 24VAC/DC; 12V; 1 Alarm; RS485; 5A
On Off Temperature Controllers
no image available C44UQGT6360M84K KEMET Capacitor; Film; Metallized Polypropylene; 360 uF 1100 VDC ±10%
Film Capacitors
no image available AB6MM1RENGRAVED IDEC 16mm Pushbutton Red
no image available RSM RKM 579-6.4M Turck Cordset, RSM RKM 579-6.4M, U-05297
Industrial Cable Assemblies

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