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WE34-IDA07-L1-AA00 WE34-IDA07-L1-AA00 Image Match (380) Datasheet
1015 products
Dwyer Instruments 2-1/2" Double Acting; Flow Path E; 120VAC Solenoid; 3-Way Flanged SST Ball Valve
Air Operated Valve
no image available PKG 3M-10/CS10022 Datasheet
4898 products
Turck PKG 3M-10/CS10022, U-06832
Industrial Cable Assemblies
D38999/27NH34ZB D38999/27NH34ZB Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/27NH34ZBHermeticDTS23N
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available CT3134-4 Global Specialties DIY 4mm Shth Jack; Solderless - Yellow
97-3106A-18-12S(441) 97-3106A-18-12S(441) Image Match (1682) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Straight Plug; Circular Connectors; Male; MIL-5015; 97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available SC-18-095J KEMET AC Line Filter; CMC 0.95mH; 18A; 0.0055ohm
no image available DBMAE25S Cinch DSUB 25 F CRIMP CLIN G30 ZIN
D-Sub Connectors
LRC-LR2010LF-01-R033-F LRC-LR2010LF-01-R033-F Image Match (13) Datasheet
50 products
IRC (TT Electronics) Resistor; Thick Film; Res 0.033 Ohms; Pwr-Rtg 1 W; Tol 1%; SMT; 2010
Film Resistors
202319 202319 Image Match (2) Marinco Bulb; 12V; 100W; H3 Halogen Replacement
no image available G-NSDMG-023 Te Connectivity Sensor; DMG30 - U ROHS; Position; G-NSDMG-023
NX-AD4603 NX-AD4603 Image Match (21) Datasheet
113 products
Omron Automation PLC Expansion Module; 8 Analog Differential Inputs; NX Series
PLC Expansion Modules
3SU10500CB400AA0 3SU10500CB400AA0 Siemens Pushbutton Momentary Green Raised 3Su1 Series
Switch Actuators, Switch Operators
no image available GTC06R-18-19S Amphenol Industrial Connector; AS5015; plug; GTC06R-18-19S
no image available UP0667G IDEC 6MM
no image available F-1062D04-12A Fabco-Air Cylinder; Non-Repairable; 1-1/16" bore; F series
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available M22M-WRLK3-2-Y Eaton - Cutler Hammer Selector Switch Actuator, 22mm, Illuminated 3-Pos, Return Left, RMQ-Titan
Switch Actuators, Switch Operators
no image available NSPE-H220M63V8X10.8NBF NIC Components CAP NSPE SMD 63V 22UF
0800320 0800320 Image Match (6) Phoenix Contact Shrink Tubing, Polyolefin, 3:1, White, THERMOMARK, WMS Series
Shrink Tubing
XW5S-S2.5-3 XW5S-S2.5-3 Datasheet
91 products
Omron Automation ShortBar ScrwTB 2.5mmYel 3pol
Terminal Block Busbars
no image available SM-31TW102 Nidec Copal Electronics Trimmer, 1 kOhm, 0.125W, Cermet, Surface Mount, PC Pin, SM31 Series
Trimmer Potentiometers
no image available 52629805 Datasheet
1194 products
Wika Instruments Pressure gauge; analog; lower mount; 213.54 2.5 6BAR G1/4B L RF
Pressure Gauges & Vacuum Gauges
24FC512-I/ST14 24FC512-I/ST14 Image Match (132) Datasheet
62 products
Microchip Technology 512K; 64K X 8; 2.5V HI-SPEED SEREE; IND14 TSSOP 4.4mm TUBE
EEPROM Memory Chips
no image available 97-3106-22-19P(871) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Straight Plug,Circular Connectors,Male,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 2931 Olympic Wire and Cable Cable, 4C, 22AWG, 19x34, TC, PVC/Nylon ins, Braid, White PVC jkt, MIL-W-16878
ZPF000000000018521 ZPF000000000018521 Image Match (19) Te Connectivity FDBA 50-22-55 PW-K 090
Standard Circular Connectors
1-640514-0 1-640514-0 Te Connectivity Connector Soft Shell 250 VAC 9 A (Max.) 0.165 x 0.165 in. Nylon Brick Red
Soft Shell Connectors
DSPIC33FJ06GS102AT-I/SO DSPIC33FJ06GS102AT-I/SO Image Match (2) Datasheet
74 products
Microchip Technology 40 MIPS; 6 KB Flash; 256 Bytes RAM; SMPS Peripherals
no image available L08-01RAAS-MR7001 Amphenol LTW Technology Connector; LED M8M8 WATERPROOF LED ?3MMRED; METAL DC 4V
Standard Circular Connectors
298D106X06R3M2T 298D106X06R3M2T Image Match (4) Datasheet
5 products
Sprague / Vishay Capacitor; Tantalum; Cap 10uF; Tol 20%; Vol-Rtg 6.3VDC; SMT; ESR 5 Ohms
Tantalum Capacitors
no image available SFP450-12BG Bel Power Solutions Power Supply,AC-DC,3.3V@3A,12V@36.6A,90-264V In,Enclosed,Cage Mnt,PFC,SFP Series
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
S2307 S2307 Datasheet
17 products
Lapp Group Cable Gland; PG-7; Range 0.098-0.256"; Polyamide; Black; SKINTOP Series
Liquid Tight Strain Relief
no image available LB3K3ST3VA2H IDEC LB 16mm Key Selector 3PDT A
no image available A6011403 Datasheet
36 products
LUTZE Flexible Control Cable; 14 AWG 3C; FoodGrade Washdown Rated Jacket; 1000V AWM
ECW-H8273HA ECW-H8273HA Image Match (47) Datasheet
54 products
Panasonic Capacitor,Polypro Met,Cap 0.027 uF,Tol 3%,Vol-Rtg 800 VDC,Radial,Straight,Bulk
Film Capacitors
TC642CPA TC642CPA Image Match (687) Datasheet
12 products
Microchip Technology Microchip TC642CPA Fan Controller IC; 5V; 8-Pin PDIP
PWM Controllers
no image available CSSMSV 19-191-2 Turck CSSMSV 19-191-2, U-61970
Industrial Cable Assemblies
MSPS-6-01 MSPS-6-01 Image Match (8) Datasheet
68 products
Essentra Components Spacer; Mini; Natural; 3/8 in
7840407 7840407 Image Match (101) Datasheet
74 products
SAB Cable, 4C, 19AWG, 42x34, BC, TPE ins, Braid, Gray PUR jkt, DIN VDE CE
Multiconductor Cables
no image available RSC BK52C 572-0.3M Turck Cordset, RSC BK52C 572-0.3M, U0365-10
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 1LC100 Eaton - Cutler Hammer TYPE LC FIXED RATING PLUG 100A CONTINUOUS
1098592 1098592 Image Match (2) Phoenix Contact SACC-SEAL-M12-8X1 3 VPE500
no image available NVPM80M0-250M-S10A00 Norgren Vacuum Pump; multi-port; venturi; 20"Hgw/NST8A Silencer G; MAX series
Vacuum Generators / Ejectors
no image available RR2P-UCDC12V IDEC Relay Plug-In DPDT 10A 12VDC
Power Relays
no image available LB1F-2T64A IDEC Switch; Illum; 24VDC; Maint; 16mm; 2 Pos; Std Bezel; Rnd; DPDT; Amber
no image available 2CU40M Altech Circuit Breaker; Miniature; M Series; 2P; CTrip Curve; 40A; 480Y/277VAC; UL508
Miniature Circuit Breakers
no image available RSBD4895CV0 Datasheet
32 products
Carlo Gavazzi 3 PH COMP. SOFT START 220-480V 2P
Soft Starters
TM4311 TM4311 ifm efector RTD probe; PT100; 6mm diameter; 50mm length; -40.302F range; 1/2NPT
Temperature Probes
no image available MF1-B-30-615-3-GF6-G-D Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker; M-Series; Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
197-DP245 197-DP245 Datasheet
83 products
SloanLED Lamp, LED, T-3 1/4, Bayonet, Green, 24V, 25mA, 1700mcd, 30deg
Lamps (Light Bulbs)
D38999/23YA6PC D38999/23YA6PC Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23YA6PCHermeticDTS24Y
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 831HD0060CLSCD PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; dif press; 0-60PSID
97-3106B-28-10S(946) 97-3106B-28-10S(946) Image Match (452) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial 7P sz 28 Solder Straight Solder Straight Plug,MIL-5015,97 Series
no image available 97-3100-16-7S(871) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Circular Connector Receptacle,Female,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 831FD0006DLSAA PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/4NPTM; dif press; 0-6PSID;
1839828 1839828 Image Match (119) Datasheet
238 products
RS Pro by Allied Thick Film Resistor SMT/SMD 0402 (1005M) Case 390kOhms 1/16W 1% Tol
Film Resistors
no image available PT07SE-18-30P(304) Datasheet
20670 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; RECEPT
Standard Circular Connectors
AP836 R6 J AP836 R6 J Image Match (74) ARCOL Power Resistor 0R6 35W TO-220
CRLCBSR-3-01 CRLCBSR-3-01 Image Match (26) Essentra Components Spacer; Reverse Mount; Natural; 3/16 in
E22LED120WN E22LED120WN Datasheet
51 products
Eaton - Cutler Hammer Lamp, Led, 120 Vac/Vdc, White, For Use Withe34 Series 30Mm Pushbuttons
Lamps (Light Bulbs)
8724580 8724580 Datasheet
8 products
RS Pro by Allied Hook-Up Wire Orange PVC 28AWG 7x0.12mm 328ft (100m) UL 1581, UL 758
Hook-Up Wire
470057CY CL033 470057CY CL033 Image Match (84) Datasheet
6 products
Alpha Wire Industrial Cable, 5C 0.75Mm2, Braid Shield, Clear, 100m, 328ft., Pro-Met Series
Multiconductor Cables
no image available 32P4-06A1VC-XXN Fabco-Air Cylinder, tie rod, 3-1/4" bore, 6" stroke, detachable eye, NFPA Series
ALS70H203QH200 ALS70H203QH200 Image Match (1650) Datasheet
1650 products
KEMET Capacitors,Aluminum Electrolytic,Screw Terminal 200V 20000uF 20% Screw Terminal
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
BCC02NN BCC02NN Image Match (3) Balluff BCC - Connectivity Products; BCC M313-0000-20-001-VX8334-100
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available M2022SS1W30 Datasheet
1621 products
NKK Switches Switch,Mini Toggle,DPDT,ON-NONE-ON,.413 Bat Act,No Cap,6A,125VAC,.150 R/A PC
Toggle Switches
FTH-7-UVB-M FTH-7-UVB-M Image Match (8) Essentra Components Cable Tie Holder; Screw Mount; Black; 1x1 in; Pack 1000
Cable Tie Mounts
HL-24-09Z 3K 5% J01 HL-24-09Z 3K 5% J01 Image Match (4) Datasheet
2 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Wirewound; Res 3 Kilohms; Pwr-Rtg 30 W; Tol 5%; Self-Stk; Silicone; Heat Sink
no image available 831HD0200BHMAD PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; dif press; 0-200PSI
A758BG277M0GAAE020 A758BG277M0GAAE020 Image Match (34) Datasheet
123 products
KEMET Capacitors, Aluminum Organic Polymer, 4volts 270uF 20%
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
925712-1 925712-1 Image Match (3) Te Connectivity MATE-N-LOK PCB Connector Contact; Female; Crimp; Tin Plating 14 - 10 AWG
Board Level Connector Contacts
no image available F-1500DG1-02A-30 Fabco-Air Cylinder; round; SS; interchangeable; non-repairable; 1-1/2" bore; F series
Pneumatic Actuators
7251B 7251B Image Match (2) Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker Ca2 50A White (Flm- 5)
no image available MKP383318200JI02W0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP; 2000Vdc; 700Vac; 0; 018?F; 22; 5pitch
Film Capacitors
no image available RKA36100CU43A Square D MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 1000A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available D38999/20MJ37HA-LC TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connector; D38999/20MJ37HA-LC
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available CW1L-M2E02QHS IDEC Pushbutton; CW Series; Plastic Bezel; Extended; Illum; 2NC; Mom; 120VAC; Blu
Pushbutton Switches
no image available 4110424 Altech Fuse, NH3, gPV, S170, 315A, 1100VDC
no image available CMAUS11M-A ABB Thomas & Betts Flexible Metallic Conduit; Aluminum; Conduit Size 4 Inch
38-00-1440 38-00-1440 Image Match (11) Molex KK 254 Series 2.54mm 20 Way 1 Row Straight PCB Socket Through Hole Socket Strip
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available BNS03HF Balluff Sensor; Mechanical Limit Switch; Inductive; 4 Switch positions
no image available D38999/20FG75PE Souriau Connector,squareflangereceptacle,Nickelplating,withmalecontacts,Sz-21
no image available TT2310-P24 Toughcon CABLE PLUG; 24 W; PIN
no image available YHLZ1C2 Souriau TERMINAL MODULE SPACER
no image available MS3111E12-8PW Datasheet
4547 products
ITT Cannon Circular Connector, Mil-Spec 26482, KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available V-15-2C6 Omron Electronic Components Miniature Basic
2328287 2328287 RS Pro by Allied Hex Socket Button Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw M6x16mm
Fasteners & Hardware
no image available 40022144 Datasheet
184 products
Eclectic Products Famowood Latex Based Wood Filler,White,1 Pint (0.47 L),SL: 1.5 yrs,Low Odor
no image available AS2201FG-N01-07S Datasheet
112 products
SMC Flow Control/Speed Control; 1/8NPT; airline
Flow Controls / Speed Controls
no image available 1334A 0061000 Belden ISA/SP-50 Foundation Fieldbus; 18Awg/1PR; Braided Shielded; PVC; Lt Blue
Multiconductor Cables
no image available OBE10M-R103-2EP-IO-0.3M-V1 Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Sensor; Photoelectric; Receiver; 10m Range; 10-30VDC; M12; 267075-100336
Photoelectric Sensors
no image available SPT0022 Teco Westinghouse HVAC SINGLE PHASE TEFC2 HP 3600 RPM 145T FRAME Voltage: 115/208/230V
AC Motors
no image available SSD4-4.000-BTFM Fabco-Air Square Pancake II, 1-1/2" Bore
FP0-A21 FP0-A21 Datasheet
8 products
Panasonic Controller,PLC,Sup-V 24DC,20mA,2,1,FP0 Series,Screw,25mmWx90mmHx60mmD
no image available 161C12 Datasheet
5 products
Hammond Manufacturing Transformer, power, chas mt, 0.5VA 115V
Industrial Transformers
HEP-150-36 HEP-150-36 Image Match (6) MEAN WELL Power Supply, AC-DC, LED, 151.2W, 36V@4.2A, 90-305V In, IP68
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available R3042L1200CUW Siemens LC 30S/42C 200A CU RISER WHITE TRIM
Breaker Panels / Load Centers
no image available 893 48 MM X 55 M 3M Scotch Filament Tape 893; Clear; 48 mm x 55 m; 6 mil; 24 rolls per case
no image available 5-146492-4 Te Connectivity Connector; AMPMODU; 08 Modii Hdr Drst Unshrd Stkg
no image available HP2-1/2X4FF-E Fabco-Air Hi-Power, 2-1/2" Bore
T1922101132-000 T1922101132-000 Image Match (6) Te Connectivity Heavy Duty Power Connector; H10BPR-TGHC-M32
no image available VBD1B60B-00000-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available DD3FXHM2BBX01SSXC01000 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/4NPTM; comp pre
no image available EK204-73/POLY Carling Technologies Toggle Switch,Heavy Duty,DPST,ON-NONE-OFF,.687"Bat Actuator,16A,125VAC,Screw
Toggle Switches
no image available PLC1G121009 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Inline Receptacle Gray 9 Pin 3 A PLC Series
Standard Circular Connectors
BIP0002 BIP0002 Balluff BIP - Inductive Analog Sensors; BIP AD2-B040-02-S4
Inductive Proximity Sensors
C0603X104K3RECAUTO C0603X104K3RECAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
6936 products
KEMET Cap Cer 0603 0.1µF 25V X7R±10% 4K 7" Reel
Ceramic Capacitors
S30RW3LPQ3 S30RW3LPQ3 Image Match (9) Datasheet
8 products
Banner Engineering Ez-Beam Polarized Retro, Range, 6 M, In, EZ-BEAM S30 Series
Photoelectric Sensors
0828091 0828091 Image Match (2) Phoenix Contact Labeling; Term Block Marker Silver; 0828091
Write-on Markers, Tags & Accys
37060 37060 Image Match (8) Datasheet
621 products
Wiha Tools Torx Flag Handle T10 x 40mm 10PK
Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
no image available 831TC0030CHMAF PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; comp press; 30"HGVA
2-2317142-7 2-2317142-7 Image Match (37) Te Connectivity M12 X-CODE CABLE ASSY. (PLUG-PLUG) 9.0 M
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available MACQ-80X125-S-T Datasheet
941 products
Pneumatic Actuators
8.5000.8342.1024 8.5000.8342.1024 Image Match (1721) Datasheet
3619 products
Kuebler Encoder; Incremental; Clamp Flange; 10mm Shaft; RS422/5V; 1m; 1024 PPR
1066082 1066082 Phoenix Contact HC-M-08-EMC-DSUB-M
no image available MLW3025/U Datasheet
448 products
NKK Switches Switch,Snap-In Rocker,Sealed,DPDT,ON-NONE-(ON),SS,Frame ONLY,No Cap,No Bzl,Sldr
Rocker Switches
no image available S2D300-BD02-01 Ebm-Papst Fan; Axial; 230/400VAC; 360x101.5mm; 1660 CFM; 270W; 2800RPM; Ball; IP44
no image available CE3T-10R-02 Datasheet
12 products
Abb Switch, Pushbutton, Compact E-Stop, Push Twist Release, 2NC, Red 30mm
Emergency Stop Push Buttons
no image available WLLKCLSUP1 Siemens WL FS1 Racking Handle Lock Superior
no image available GX-N18MB Datasheet
16 products
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available FENG-32-50-KF Festo Actuator; guide unit; air; 32x50mm stroke; recirculating bb guide
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available QM/920/00 Norgren SEAL KIT
no image available HW4LM1F11QDS240V IDEC 22mm Pushbutton Illuminated
no image available 508820 Apex Tool Group Mfr SPACER; 1/PK
1-826632-7 1-826632-7 Image Match (9) Te Connectivity PCB Header, 2.54mm, Pin, Vertical,2 Row 34 Way, Au, AMPMODU Mod II Series
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available MGL36300JK Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 600V 300A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
N5181A/501 N5181A/501 Datasheet
3 products
MAL214658122E3 MAL214658122E3 Datasheet
51 products
Vishay Dale 1200uF 63V dc ALUM Electrolytic Capacitor; 146 RTI Series 6000h 18(Dia.)x35mm
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
no image available DD2DXPT622BBX01SSXA00015 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/4NPTM; abs pres
0886.0639 0886.0639 Image Match (63) Datasheet
70 products
no image available H221200100210 Datasheet
2477 products
no image available H-221-X-BF-PM Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 1-5/8" Bore

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