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D38999/20FA35SC-LC D38999/20FA35SC-LC Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connector; DTS 6C 6#22D SKT RECP
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
M2018TNG03-EB M2018TNG03-EB Datasheet
1283 products
NKK Switches Switch,Rocker,SPDT,(ON)-OFF-(ON),.272 Frame,.365 Wht Paddle,0.4A,28VAC/DC,Str PC
Rocker Switches
no image available VG95328A14-15S Glenair CIRC.MOUNT RECPT 15W SKT
X32-16.384-12-30/30/4085 X32-16.384-12-30/30/4085 Image Match (46) Datasheet
10 products
Mercury Crystal Crystal SMD 16.384MHz 2.5x3.2mm
Crystal Units
no image available LVM12FTR015E-TR Datasheet
21 products
Ohmite 0.5 watt 0.015 Ohm 1%
Current Sense Resistors
no image available 42878-6360 Molex ModJack 062 Flush LoPro W/O Clip 6/4
no image available PTCCL05H470FBE Vishay Dale NTC Thermistors; PTC CP LDD 5D00 A047 145 140 B e3
REC3-1215SRW/H6/A/SMD REC3-1215SRW/H6/A/SMD Image Match (1406) Datasheet
2954 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; SMD; 6kV; reg 2:1; 3W; 15V; 200mA; REC3-S_DRW(Z) Series
V1-G-0.3M-PVC-V1-G V1-G-0.3M-PVC-V1-G Image Match (25) Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Cordset; Cables/Connectors; 126917
Industrial Cable Assemblies
ERJ-8GEYJ474V ERJ-8GEYJ474V Image Match (857) Datasheet
470 products
Panasonic Resistor,Thick Film,Res 470 Kilohms,Pwr-Rtg 0.25 W,Tol 5%,SMT,1206,Tape & Reel
no image available HKF1-01 Abb MO132/165 FRONT MOUNT AUX CONT 1NC
Auxiliary Contacts
M1367-5008-SS M1367-5008-SS Image Match (110) Datasheet
10 products
RAF Metric Hex Standoff; 8mm Hex X 20mm X M5Thd
no image available BFC237135823 Datasheet
496 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 82nF 10% 63Vdc Pitch7; 5mm
Film Capacitors
3IHS1 3IHS1 Image Match (6) Datasheet
255 products
Te Connectivity Corcom; IEC Filtered Inlet; Medical Filter; Snap-In; 3A; F8459; 6-1609157-2
Power Entry Module (PEM)
no image available 1942223WM CML Innovative Technologies LED-ANZ.16MM 230VAC KON. WEISS
TBH25P33R0JE TBH25P33R0JE Image Match (14) Ohmite Resistor; Thick Film; Res 33 Ohms; Pwr-Rtg25 W; Tol 5%; Radial; TO-220; Heat Sink
Film Resistors
no image available AOLD36611DNUS Datasheet
3898 products
IDEC 30mm TWND Series Dcast Zinc Illum Pushbutton Ext Full Shrd Maint Blue
Pushbutton Switches
M71-10-437 M71-10-437 Datasheet
42 products
Brady Polyvinyl Fluoride Flame Retardant Labels; 0.25"H x 0.75"W x 750; White
Printer Reels & Rolls
no image available LB8K2T6A IDEC LB 16mm Key Selector DPDT A
no image available 81694 Apex Tool Group Mfr GEARWRENCH; WR FLR NUT FLEX 3/8X7/16
no image available 19193-0024 Molex RING VERSAKRIMP TAPED (AA-322-56T)
no image available 0673-0010-0002 Norgren ADAP; S6; 1/4NPT; 430F SS; PASS
no image available PGA36060U43A Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 600V 600A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available SC-10 Bussmann by Eaton Fuse Class G Slow Blow Cartridge Holder Mount Clip Termination 600VAC 170VDC 10A
312499 312499 Image Match (3) Ancor 12-10 1/4" Heatshrink Rin G 100 Pack
no image available 50F1-21A8EC-XXE-CD01G Fabco-Air Cylinder, tie rod, 5" bore, 21" stroke,head flange, NFPA Series
Air Filters/Regulators
no image available F320-F081M50C-NNS Omron Automation F320; 5 MP; Rolling shutter; 81 mm lens; Medium; AutoVISION Sensor; IP40
no image available 812-22-008-30-002101 Mill-Max STANDARD PIN HEADER; 08 Pins; Gold overNickel
IC Sockets, Plugs & Adapters
9156054 9156054 Datasheet
4 products
RS Pro by Allied Silicone gel pad 4W/mK 150x150mm 2.0mm
Thermal Pads
no image available PE000SH6A Te Connectivity Filter; PE000SH6A=C2408
no image available E500005 010S1 Belden Cord Sets; DataTuffCat 5e IP67 RJ45 Cord Set; 5m; Black
D38999/25YC22PN D38999/25YC22PN Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/25YC22PNHermeticDTS21Y
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available AE26-30-00-86 Abb AE26 3P CONTR 110VDC
CN4ST374 CN4ST374 Image Match (24) Datasheet
8 products
Hammond Manufacturing electrical enclosure - commerical
Electrical Enclosures
no image available MS3116E12-3P ITT Cannon Circular Connector, Mil-Spec 26482, KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available MKT1822210406 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 1nF20% 400Vdc Pitch 10mm
Film Capacitors
MBR10100-E3/4W MBR10100-E3/4W Datasheet
5 products
General Semiconductor / Vishay Diode,Schottky Barrier,Vr 100V,If 10A,Pkg TO-220AC,Vf 0.65V,Tj +150degc,Cs 150A
Rectifier & Schottky Diodes
no image available L77-TWB5W5P Datasheet
5 products
D-Sub Connectors
no image available 2TLA858004R0800 ABB Jokab Safety SAFETY EDGE 60
CCS19-S8-C CCS19-S8-C Panduit Fixed diameter cable clamp, #8 screw (M4),.19" (4.8mm) bundle, white
Cable Clamps & Clips
no image available LB3K33SD6H IDEC LB Operator Key Selector SW
no image available 3TH2031-0DB4 Siemens CONTROL RELAY; DC OPER.; W/SPEC COIL RANGE
no image available 3G3AX-OPCN1 Omron Automation Digital Operator cable 1m
Power Conditioners
no image available D38999/20WJ24PD Amphenol Aerospace Connector; 88-552009-24M RECEPT
Standard Circular Connectors
SGTM2S8-C SGTM2S8-C Panduit Mount, Cable Tie, Screw Mount, Ntrl Nylon6/6, 0.63" L, 0.43" W, 0.28" H, M4 Thrd
Cable Tie Mounts
VUVG-B18-M52-MZT-F-1R8L VUVG-B18-M52-MZT-F-1R8L Image Match (2) Festo Valve; 24VDC sol; 5/2 monostable; ext pilot; 1000L/min; -.9 to 10 bar; IP65
Mechanical Valves
no image available TILC5L-2L-BL-A Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
JLM813049/JLM813010 JLM813049/JLM813010 Image Match (100) Timken TAPER BEARING 70MM 110MM 26MM
Roller Bearings
no image available ACA3106F14S-5PB(F80)(A233 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Plug Straight; SZ-14S
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available BW1649 Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i Power Supply; 4 A
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
C1210C156K8PACTU C1210C156K8PACTU Image Match (6879) Datasheet
323 products
KEMET 1210 C 15uF Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor; 10 VDC; +85degC; X5R Dielec; ±10%
Ceramic Capacitors
16MM8A4 16MM8A4 Datasheet
405 products
GEMS Sensors Relay; Warrick; 1NO & 1NC; Inverse 26K; 208/240VAC; 8 Pin Octal; NEMA 4
Level Controllers
no image available 3RE41226CA114EB0 Siemens Non-Rev mtr str; Frame Sz 0
no image available K71FA00KAAKAA Norgren VALVE; 5/2; PNEUMATIC; W/O SOLENOID; 1/2NPT
no image available DD3BXPT424BBX01SSXS00300 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/4NPTM; static p
4300-2428 4300-2428 Pressmaster PZ03 Series; Crimp Tool Die For Bootlace Ferrule Types; Wire size 0.5 to 6 mmsq
no image available 3937 Apex Tool Group Mfr GEARWRENCH; 4LUG 4WD SPINDLE NUT SKT 1/2TON GM & DA
0711700 0711700 Phoenix Contact FiXed bridge, Pitch: 8 mm, Number of positions: 10 Color: silver,FBI 10- 8-EX
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
1N4937GP/1 1N4937GP/1 Image Match (2) Datasheet
2 products
General Semiconductor / Vishay Diode,Rectifier,Fast,Vr 600V,If 1A,Pkg DO-204AL (DO-41),Vf 1.2V,Trr 200ns,Cs 30A
Rectifier & Schottky Diodes
CEN-75-48 CEN-75-48 Image Match (2) Datasheet
2 products
MEAN WELL Power Supply,AC-DC,48V,1.57A,90-295V In,Enclosed,PFC,LED Driver,CEN-75 Series
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
9046137 9046137 Datasheet
9 products
RS Pro by Allied Solar Panel 22V 45 Watt 25in x 21in x 1in (634mm x 535mm x 25mm) 5 Pack
Solar Panel
WE01-FSR03 WE01-FSR03 Image Match (124) Datasheet
232 products
Dwyer Instruments 1-1/4" Spring Return; 2-Piece NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve
no image available WSLP0805R0250FEB Vishay Dale CURRENT SENSE; RESISTOR; WSLP0805.0251%EBe3
Current Sense Resistors
no image available 30286 Wiha Tools Screwdriver Set; Softfinish; Slotted; Phillips; Square; 5 Pc Set
T591V157M006ATE045 T591V157M006ATE045 Image Match (29) Datasheet
29 products
KEMET 150uF Solid Electrolytic Tantalum Electrolytic Cap; 6.3V dc ±20%; T591 Series
Tantalum Capacitors
05005325001 05005325001 Image Match (17) Wera Tools 190 i VDE Insulated nutdriver; 10 x 125 mm
56.OA02.2433S 56.OA02.2433S Image Match (33) Datasheet
31 products
Altech Safety Relay; OA5602; 24V; 3NO/3NC contacts; AgNi10+5umAu; IP40
Power Relays
no image available K572 Switchcraft 3 PIN MATING HARDWAR
no image available CPT-BLK-25PL-KD Brady SafeKey Compact Nylon Lockout Padlocks,1" Shackle Clearance, Black
no image available FSU20-M20-M RS COMPONENTS UK Conduit fitting external IP54 20mm M20
no image available MN2-B-32-430-1-1JB-B-C Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker, M-Series, Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available 4358-55R Norgren BOWL; REPLACEMENT
Air Prep / Treatment Accessories
no image available 1980R109RDPX Datasheet
2341 products
no image available BFC238051203 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP; 20nF; ?10%; 400Vdc; ; Pitch; 5mm
Film Capacitors
EFA04-34-003 EFA04-34-003 Image Match (20) Datasheet
44 products
Essentra Components Corner Fiber Guide: M3/#6 Screw Mount; 40.0 mm Bend Radius; Nylon 6
no image available 22-28-3065 Molex Headers, KK 100 Hdr Pol Vert Vert 06 Ckt 30 SGold
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available RSS RJ45S 841-25M Turck Cordset; RSS RJ45S 841-25M; U-04441
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 831HC3000DHMDD PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; comp press; 30"HGVA
181-10028 181-10028 Image Match (16) Datasheet
15 products
Hellermanntyton Grey PVC Open slot Slotted Trunking Slotted Panel Trunking, W25 mm x D30mm, L2m
Duct, Raceway & Tray
AB2123-HBT.GN AB2123-HBT.GN Image Match (6) Sunon Fans Fan, AC, 220-240V, 120x120x31mm, Sq, 20/22CFM, 20/18W, 45/50dBA, Terminals
no image available 674S4ST6 Conxall Double ended straight 4 pole female/female threaded / 6m cable
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available VEDBUCCC-00000-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
8010730 8010730 RS Pro by Allied Coin Cell Battery PR44 Zinc Air 1.4V 300mAh Non-Rechargeable Standard Term X 6
Coin & Button Batteries
no image available MS27468T13B98P Datasheet
1301 products
Amphenol Aerospace connector; metal circ; jam nut recept; size 13; 10 #20 crimp pin contact; olive drab
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available HS200 R1 F ARCOL 200 Watts Al Housed100 MilliOhms 1%
Wirewound Resistors
XF2W-5515-1AE XF2W-5515-1AE Image Match (19) Datasheet
19 products
Omron Electronic Components Connector FPC 55POS 0.50MM R/A
FFC / FPC Connectors
no image available R431003089 AVENTICS FLOW REGULATOR; FLOREG-A-1/4-250PSI
no image available 1SNA116304R2500 Te Connectivity MB10/22.SN FUSE TERMINAL,Entrelec
Terminal Block Connectors
TM5C12D6T6L TM5C12D6T6L Image Match (4) Schneider Electric Electric PLC I/O Module TM5 3 A 24 VDC, 99 x 62.5 x 75 mm
Remote I/O Modules
no image available 0800598:T Phoenix Contact Labeling; wire marker; Term Block Marker
Terminal Marker
no image available 851-47-003-20-001000 Mill-Max STANDARD SOCKET HEADER; 03 Pins; Tin over Nickel
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available H891 Marathon AC Motor, Explosion Proof Single Phase , 1/6,1200,EPNV,56,1/60/115
no image available 12A-CCB-MO4-120/60 Fabco-Air Solenoid Valve, Directional Control, 4 Way, Subbase Mount, 12 Series
Solenoid Valves
1868063 1868063 Image Match (15) Phoenix Contact PCB Terminal Push-In 2.54mm 20AWG 160V 6A 18 Position Combicon Control Series
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available D38999/26WJ43PBL Souriau Connector,plug,OliveDrab,w/o,malecontactsSz-25
3SK11211CB41 3SK11211CB41 Image Match (3) Siemens Configurable Safety Relay, Single Channel, 24 V dc, 4 Safety, Sirius 3SK1
Safety Relays
no image available L18E3CHH1-A7700-000-XWTT1 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch,Sealed,L Series
Rocker Switches
no image available DCTA0150CCD011 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transducer; abs press; 0-150 PSI; SS; 1/8
no image available MKP383443040JI02W0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP; 400Vdc; 200Vac; 0; 43?F; 22; 5pitch
Film Capacitors
no image available EWS-V9 Edwards Signaling Siren; OMNI-DIRECTION DC
no image available RAFI Filament Lamp; Socket W2 X 4.6d; 48V
Lamps (Light Bulbs)
3UF7113-1AA00-0 3UF7113-1AA00-0 Datasheet
68 products
no image available RNC55J6241BRB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-55 6.24K.1% T-9 RNC55J6241BR B14
Film Resistors
76538 76538 Image Match (3) Datasheet
1863 products
Wiha Tools Impact Insert Bit Square #1
Drill and Step Bits
44-744.60 44-744.60 Image Match (2) EAO Potentiometer,IP65,Round,28mm,Matte-Gray Plastic Bezel,Plastic Body,Solder
no image available KBW 06 Datasheet
3 products
Lumberg Conn, TermBlk, PCB, Header, SnglLvl, 90DegAngl, Sldr, 6Pole, 5mmPitch, KBWSeries
Terminal Block Shrouded Headers
no image available 213364-1 Te Connectivity Circular Connector, SEALING PLUG,SZ 8,ARINC 600
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available R432023732 AVENTICS 5 MP2-TM 1R 7/8-14M
no image available B250 Burndy BW BCC2 TEE 250R - 2/0T
ESD Grounding Cables / Cords & Equipment
1812193 1812193 Image Match (8) Datasheet
10 products
RS Pro by Allied Power Supply AC-DC Embedded Switching 12V 500mA 6W 85-264VAC PCB Mount
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
LPCB6744 LPCB6744 Datasheet
148 products
Lovato Electric Mushroom Push Button Actuator 22mm, Latch, Pull To Release, 40mm E-Stop Red
Pushbutton Switches
WE2HS34 WE2HS34 Image Match (204) Datasheet
156 products
TB Wood's (Altra) Dura-Flex coupling hub; size 2; bored to size; 3/4" bore; steel
Tire Shaft Couplings
3RT20262AB00 3RT20262AB00 Image Match (42) Siemens Sirius 3RT2 3 Pole Contactor; 25 A; 11 kW; 24 V ac Coil
KR0400108 YL401 KR0400108 YL401 Image Match (42) Datasheet
7 products
Alpha Wire TPE Cordset , MiniF STR to CUT 18 AWG 04POL, KR0400108 YELLOW 20M
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 14-C12541323 Treston TL AdvantageDSA 72"W x 30" D w/ SteelShelf; 6 outlet power; 2-Bulb Light; foo
095-850-187M200 095-850-187M200 Image Match (24) Datasheet
12 products
Amphenol Rf BNC Straight Plug to BNC Straight Plug on Belden 4855R, 12G Optimized, 2 meters
MPC-2070-E2-T (CUSTOM) MPC-2070-E2-T (CUSTOM) Image Match (4) Datasheet
4 products
Moxa Industrial PC,7" touch,E3826,8 GB RAM,2 LAN,2 serial,64GB/CFast,Win10 IOT/Cfast
Industrial PCs
BCC05LY BCC05LY Image Match (64) Balluff BCC - Connectivity Products; BCC M415-M414-3A-304-EX44T2-020
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available KPT01E20-24S Datasheet
4547 products
ITT Cannon Circular Connector Metal Commercial KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
BZX55C30-TR BZX55C30-TR Image Match (129) Datasheet
44 products
Siliconix / Vishay BZX55C30-TR Zener Diode; 30V 7% 0.5 W Through Hole 2-Pin DO-35
Zener Diodes
no image available VCA-8303 Quest Technology International 3 FT 3.5MM STEREO MALE TO DUAL RCA MALECABLE
MC34262PG MC34262PG Image Match (25) Datasheet
14 products
ON Semiconductor MC34262PG; Power Factor Controller; 50 kHz; 12 - 28 V; 8-Pin PDIP
no image available CP67A1A0B1N1 GEMS Sensors Control Panel for Level Control System; pump down; 50K inverse; NEMA1; Series CP67
Level Controllers

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