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no image available K2XG20-48V-04R90 Datasheet
1789 products
Warner Linear (Altra) Linear Actuator; Electric; 48 VDC
Electric Linear Actuator
no image available H416705B0000G Amphenol - Anytek TerminalBlock; H4-5.08-8PGreen; contact; brightTinwireguard
ERJ-3EKF62R0V ERJ-3EKF62R0V Image Match (500) Datasheet
1706 products
Panasonic Resistor,Thick Film,Res 62 Ohms,Pwr-Rtg 0.1 W,Tol 1%,SMT,0603,Tape & Reel
ERJU06F1201V ERJU06F1201V Image Match (121) Datasheet
74 products
Panasonic ERJ Series Thick Film Resistor 0805 Case 1.2kOhms ±1% 0.125W ±100ppm/degC
Film Resistors
E30KLA1 E30KLA1 Datasheet
97 products
Eaton - Cutler Hammer Switch Part, Contact Block, Spst, 1No, Ul Csa, E30 Series
Contact Blocks
no image available 31F1-AQZ1F Abb STARTER; FUSIBLE; A16 NR 3PH FUS STR N1208V
no image available R480739068 AVENTICS AV-AV05X5-ETHERNETIP
no image available 09061324980 Harting Connectors, DIN 41612, DIN-POWER F032MS-3,0C1-VG
Backplane Connectors
no image available P9ARBGL Industrial Connections & Solutions GE P/BUTT CAP FL. BLUE
no image available T431016G102 Datasheet
10 products
Hoffman Cooling Air Conditioner; 115V; 50/60H; 9700BTU; 4X; SS
Air Conditioners
no image available MX8G120H Panasonic GEARHEAD
7174 7174 Image Match (2) Blue Sea Systems Circuit BreakerSfcmt 050 A Klixon
no image available MS3451L28-15P Datasheet
2409 products
Amphenol Aerospace Connector; 5015 series; size-28; Cable Receptacle
no image available D38999/20WD35JB-LC Datasheet
1979 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connector; D38999/20WD35JB-LC
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 1.74.510.111/2200 RAFI Signal Indicator RAFIX 30 FS+ Illuminative Flat White Lens Stainless Steel Ring
Panel Mount Indicators
5SY4310-5 5SY4310-5 Image Match (5) Siemens Circuit Breaker; Supplementary; PTOR 5SY4 3P 480V 10A 5K A-TRIP
Miniature Circuit Breakers
RP-0509D/P RP-0509D/P Image Match (51) Datasheet
100 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; SIP7 5.2kV; Dual; 1W; ±09V @ ±56mA; RP Series
no image available BFC237356823 Datasheet
630 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 82nF 5% 400Vdc Pitch15mm
Film Capacitors
no image available 0930-0-15-20-75-14-11-0 Mill-Max IC & Component Sockets SPRING-LOADED PIN.199 20u GOLD
IC Sockets, Plugs & Adapters
12D110MHDOD 12D110MHDOD Image Match (5) Datasheet
9 products
Amperite RelayCMOS DigitalDelay-on-dropout DPDT12V DC4AKnob 1 - 10 Min
Time Delay Relays
67250 YL033 67250 YL033 Image Match (18) Datasheet
30 products
Alpha Wire Metric Ecowire; Yellow; 100M; 2.5MM2; 140 X.16 600V; MPPE; 13AWG; 67250 Serie
Hook-Up Wire
no image available F-1750D01-08A Fabco-Air Cylinder; round; SS; interchangeable; non-repairable; 1-3/4" bore; F series
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available 14-C12035234 Treston Cornerstone WORKSTATION; SGL BAY UPRIGHTS; 36X60; ESD LAMINATE WORKSURFACE
no image available TILC5S-1C-BL-C Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
095-902-459-024 095-902-459-024 Image Match (13) Amphenol Rf SMP Straight Plug to SMA Straight Plug on Tflex 405 cable; 24 inches
Coaxial / RF Cables
911-6 911-6 Raco 4" Square Extensionen Drawn 1-1/2" Deep1/2"-3/4" Knockout - Red
Pushbutton Switches
no image available D38999/24KG75BN Datasheet
440 products
Souriau Receptacle; Jam Nut
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available RS3-1D40-41M NTE Electronics Solid State Relay, 3.5VDC, 10 to 75 A, Panel Mount, -40 C, 80 C, DC, RS3 Series
Solid State Relays
no image available 11861 Master Appliance 12-10 AWG; Yellow; #10 Stud (Pack of 50)"
Crimp Terminals
1253076 1253076 Datasheet
2 products
RS Pro by Allied Water Pump Pliers Insulated Multigrip Slip Joint 1.1-1.3in Jaw Capacity
VFA-34-SSV VFA-34-SSV Image Match (17) Datasheet
262 products
Dwyer Instruments Flowmeter; Model VFA; 20-200 CC Water/min.; 2-in Scale; 5% Accur.; Stainless Valve
no image available G7L-2A-T AC24 Omron Electronic Components Relay, G7L Series, High-Capacity, DPST,AC Power Relay
Power Relays
no image available C708U 1 SS6 ABB Thomas & Betts Strap; U Shape; 1" x 3-3/8"W; Stock Size 1/8" x 1-5/8"; Stainless Steel
no image available ALSR1015K00FE12 Datasheet
1595 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; WW; ALSR10 15K 1% E12 e3
Wirewound Resistors
no image available 831TA0300DLMDB PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; abs press; 0-300PSI
no image available TWC01 IDEC TW-C01 Obsolete; Repl. by HW-C
WA90XM3920U WA90XM3920U Image Match (6) Wiegmann Disconnect; Un; Hd; 1D; Freestanding; 90X39.50X20
Electrical Enclosures
no image available 42070-3WS Leviton 3PORT HOR SG WP W/ ID WH
908-530 908-530 Image Match (1086) Bivar Nylon Tubular, 0.530 in. Length, 0.187 OD, 0.125 ID, White
no image available 3219 Datasheet
162 products
Keystone Electronics Washer; Flat;.260 ID;.625 OD;.062 Thick; Nylon
Fasteners & Hardware
no image available 801-99-026-10-001000 Mill-Max STANDARD SOCKET HEADER; 26 Pins; Tin/Lead (93/7) over Nickel
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available R02-11A10-120B Datasheet
24 products
no image available IRS2166DSTRPBF Datasheet
3 products
no image available 2GG51-78 Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; General Purpose; G Series
Toggle Switches
no image available UHJ-W Bussmann by Eaton Cable Limiter 600 kcmil 250VAC
no image available RS 4.5T-J14 Turck Cordset, RS 4.5T-J14, U0685
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available MPFF8OM5AZ-3 Datasheet
4 products
L-com 8 fiber; Type A; OM5 50/125um; LSZH Jacket; Lime Green; 3 M
RHP-2W4E RHP-2W4E Image Match (31) Datasheet
107 products
Dwyer Instruments Wall Mount RH/Temp/ Transmitter; RHP-2W4E; 2% Accuracy; IV Combo 4-20 mA/0-10 V
Temperature Transmitters & Transducers
no image available 060K0028-40 Norgren PISTON & ROD ASSEMBLY
no image available GM474769 Square D Circuit Breaker JDP36200CTX
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available 222241704304 Datasheet
1308 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor,Film,430nf,5%,160 VDC,Pitch 15mm
Film Capacitors
no image available 8897K1 Safran Electrical & Power Switch,Hand Control W/Pushbutton,Pistol Grip Style,SPST,OFF-(ON),20A,115VAC
no image available 5152LA Arrow Hart Wallplate 2G Decorator Nylon Std LA
Power Transfer Switches
no image available MA2-B-34-450-1-A16-2-C Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker; M-Series; Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available 16 / T5 / 900 SS Contitech Power Transmissions SYNC TMG BELT 16/T5/900
no image available QS-V0-G1/4-12 Festo Fitting; straight; push in; weld spatter resistant; G1/4 to 12mm
no image available HS1L-DT7Y4KMSR-G IDEC Safety Switch Solenoid Lock
Solenoid Interlock Switches
no image available 30040008-6 Coleman Cable Inline Manual Reset GFCI; 16-10awg; 20A/240V
3RT20151BG41 3RT20151BG41 Image Match (44) Siemens CONTACTOR S00 7A 125VDC 1NO SCRW
no image available ABD202NUY Datasheet
3898 products
IDEC 30mm TWND Series Dcast Zinc Pushbutton Ext Mom Yellow
Pushbutton Switches
3SU19500HL100AA0 3SU19500HL100AA0 Siemens 3SU1 Connection Piece for HousingM25/M25
Pushbutton Switch Accessories
no image available R2D220-AB02-10 Ebm-Papst Fan; Radial; 400VAC; 221.4X221.4X71mm; 620 CFM; 110W; 3250RPM; Ball; IP44
G6AU-234P-ST-US-DC5 G6AU-234P-ST-US-DC5 Image Match (8) Datasheet
14 products
Omron Electronic Components Relay DPDT latch AgPd contacts; 2A 5Vdc
IRF7105PBF IRF7105PBF Image Match (8) Datasheet
2 products
no image available 5256-RC Datasheet
9 products
Bourns RF Choke,Hash,500uH,2Adc,20%,0.26 Ohms DCR,1.25In.L
734024-1 734024-1 Te Connectivity Adapter for Terminal Tool 734155-1
Connector and Terminator Tools
no image available 831TG0300CLSDE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; gauge press; 0-300P
no image available 1-1617081-6 Te Connectivity A-76 = DC SOLENOID
no image available SLSR30-2250Q8 Datasheet
169 products
Banner Engineering Ez-Screen Receiver, Slsr30-2250Q8 30 mm Ods X 2250 mm, EZ-SCREEN LS Series
Light Curtains
no image available ACA3101R20-27SB(F80)(A233 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Cable Recep; Rear Threads; SZ-20
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available OBR2000-R3-E2-L Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Photoelectric (Automation)
Photoelectric Sensors
DAM-7W2S-A197 DAM-7W2S-A197 Datasheet
41 products
ITT Cannon Conn D-Sub Hybrid Socket 5 Pos Sz 20 w/2 Sz 8 (empty) Soldr 26-8 AWG Tin Combo D
D-Sub Connectors
04-CCL3120 04-CCL3120 Image Match (11) Datasheet
22 products
Cable Clamps & Clips
PXM7010/32S/CR/1113/SN PXM7010/32S/CR/1113/SN Image Match (100) Datasheet
332 products
Bulgin Connector; Flex; 32-Pole; Fem/Socket; CrimpTerm.; 11-13mm Cable Entry; Metal; w/Screen
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available HS35R06008310 Datasheet
3202 products
Dynapar Encoder,Heavy Duty,Hollow Shaft,400g Shock20g Vib,5/8"BR ABZ 5-26V O/C 6PIN
222238630125 222238630125 Image Match (340) Datasheet
680 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor,Film,1200 nF,10%,1000 VDC,Pitch 27.5 mm,Horizontal Mount
Film Capacitors
no image available ADAM-5069-AE Datasheet
2 products
Advantech PLC Expansion Modules, 8 Channel Relay Outputs, ADAM-5000 Series
PLC Expansion Modules
no image available PCA300F-5-F2 Datasheet
93 products
Cosel U.S.A. Power Supply, AC-DC, Enclosed, 300W, 5V@60A, 85-264V In,Rev Air
Converter (DC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available CP67S2A2B1N1 GEMS Sensors Control Panel for Level Control System; fll valve; 50K inverse; NEMA1; Series CP67
Level Controllers
no image available B-321-XDRK-BR Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 2" Bore
no image available FK 4.5-0.5/14.5/NPT/S613 Turck FK 4.5-0.5/14.5/NPT/S613, U-58707
M Series Connectors
7632070 7632070 RS Pro by Allied SAV LABEL 'CONTAINS ASBESTOS'; ROLL 250
Labels, Signs & Printers
no image available 6380-2SG-516 Conxall MINI-CON CABLE #16 CRIMP
Standard Circular Connectors
LS-0006 LS-0006 OSEPP SERVO - Plastic Gear Analog (medium)
AC Drives
7335580 7335580 Datasheet
11 products
RS Pro by Allied Steel Male Hydraulic Quick Connect Coupling 3/4 in
Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings
37197 37197 Image Match (191) Datasheet
244 products
Protektive Pak INPLANT HANDLER; CELL SIZE; 5-7/8 x 12-3/4 x 2-7/8 IN
ESD Boxes
no image available K2XEP14G20-12V-12 Datasheet
1789 products
Warner Linear (Altra) Linear Actuator; Electric; 12 VDC
Electric Linear Actuator
CTM010C2 CTM010C2 Image Match (4) Hellermanntyton Mount; Cable Tie; Screw Mount; Wht Polyamide 6.6; 0.578" L; 0.375" W; 0.266" H
no image available SU/15LP0236/01A Norgren BDB0048-16C
no image available GTC06AF-20-6P Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; AS5015; plug; GTC06AF-20-6P
S202P-K63 S202P-K63 Image Match (23) Abb Circuit Breaker; 2-P; K Curve; 63A; 10kA; 480Y/277 VAC; Handle; Screw Terminals
A008-000-KJ A008-000-KJ Tripp Lite Tripp Lite Component Video Keystone Snap-In Module Kit Red; Green; Blue
Composite, Audio / Video & Data Cable
26107 26107 Aven Optivisor Replacement Lens #2
Lighting Products
no image available RNC65H4992DRB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-65 49.9K.5% T-2 RNC65H4992DR B14
Film Resistors
no image available 632152-1B-4E Carling Technologies Switch,Rocker,Miniature,622/632 Series
Rocker Switches
no image available A309430P6W Datasheet
312 products
Amphenol Middle East Amphe-309 Plug, Connector, 3P+E / 4W - 30A, 380 - 415V keway 6h, IP67
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available TFAK42 Siemens VB SW T FUSE ADAPTER KIT 240V 200A
no image available 2869728 Phoenix Contact Connector in-rail bus Snaps on DIN Rail Hosts 2 TBUS modules ME Series
Telecom Connectors
no image available DR10090M Dwyer Instruments DR10090M GL FLMTR 2-24 SLPM
no image available JDE36175S Square D Circuit Breaker Enclosed 600V 175A 3P NEMA 1
Equipment Circuit Breakers
GS15A-2P1J GS15A-2P1J Image Match (7) Datasheet
7 products
MEAN WELL Power Supply,AC-DC,9V,1.66A,90-264V In,Enclosed,Desktop,15W,GS15A/B Series
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available RW69V561B12 Vishay Dale Wirewound Resistors - Through Hole 3watts 560ohms 5%
Wirewound Resistors
EC5945TS-14.31818M TR EC5945TS-14.31818M TR Image Match (2400) Datasheet
272 products
Ecliptek Standard Clock Oscillator 14.31818MHz SMD 2.0mm x 2.5mm 50ppm -10°C to +70°C
Crystal Oscillators
no image available 5580850 Datasheet
19 products
Wurth Electronics WA-CLUG Series Tin Plated Tubular Ring Terminal, M8 Stud Size, 50mm² to 50mm²
Crimp Terminals
no image available D38999/20KB98SC Souriau Connector,Stainlesssteel,flangereceptacle,passivated,withfemalecontacts,Sz-11
no image available AP0121ANU.BK Carol Brand / General Cable Fiber Optic Cable; Single-Mode; OFNP; 9/125um; 12 Fiber; Black
no image available 6645155-1 Te Connectivity Connector; 2MM; H.M. 5 + 2 Row Type B Pin
8158649 8158649 Image Match (2) Datasheet
12 products
RS Pro by Allied Hook-Up Wire Green PVC UL1015 10 AWG 84x0.3mm 100m (328ft)
Hook-Up Wire
no image available RNC50H7772BSB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-50 77.7K.1% T-2 RNC50H7772BS B14
Film Resistors
no image available 81021036 Crouzet Motor; Gearbox 810210ratio = 576000 AXE=79200967
AC Gearmotors
394184 394184 RS Pro by Allied Angled Straight Tungsten Carbide Tip Scribe
Scribe Tools
7382725 7382725 Datasheet
2 products
RS Pro by Allied 5L/min 5bar Water Filter Cartridge For Use With CalSlim
no image available LB6BM1T5LA IDEC LB 16mm Pushbuttons SPDT LA
WALYNX-RCHB-SC WALYNX-RCHB-SC Dantona Industries Battery, Alarm Back-Up, NIMH, Connecterized, 7.2V, 1800 mAh, Ademco K5109, Nest
Battery Packs
1-641972-1 1-641972-1 Te Connectivity Connector; 09P Umnl Pin Hdr Assy Black
24034042100 24034042100 Image Match (4) Datasheet
30 products
Harting Ha-VIS eCon 3042GBT-AD
PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
AR-070-011-4-RYGB AR-070-011-4-RYGB Image Match (23) Datasheet
74 products
Patlite Light Tower,Cont. LED,40mm,4-Stack,Direct/Wall Mount,Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
Light Towers
HFA163090-0A2 HFA163090-0A2 Laird Technologies EMI Ferrite Split Snap-On Core, Max ID, 0.355In, 210 Ohms at 300MHz, High Freq
Ferrite Beads, Chips and Cores
PIC18F26K20T-I/ML PIC18F26K20T-I/ML Image Match (304) Datasheet
91 products
Microchip Technology 64KB; Flash; 3968 RAM; 25I/O; 8-bit Family; nanowatt XLP28 QFN 6x6x0.9mm T/R
5179030-1 5179030-1 Image Match (7) Datasheet
20 products
Te Connectivity Free Height Series,0.8mm Pitch 40 Way 2 Row Straight PCB Header,Solder Term,0.5A
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
RB 153 RB 153 Image Match (18) ABB Thomas & Betts Reducing Bushing, 1-1/2" to 1", Steel, For Use with Rigid/IMC Conduit
Liquid Tight Strain Relief Accessories
no image available SLC14-1350-T/130 Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Sensor; Photoelectric; Safety; 119856
Photoelectric Sensors
no image available ERA-2VEB6191X Panasonic 0402 thin film res; 0.1%; 25ppm; 6.19KOhm
Film Resistors
no image available HW1K3JB IDEC 22mm Key Operator
no image available DCMP25H3SJA197 Datasheet
24 products
ITT Cannon Rectangular D-Sub Metal Mixed Layout Socket Right Angle Steel Combo D Series
D-Sub Connectors
no image available N1A16127 Datasheet
25 products
Hammond Manufacturing Enclosure; Box-Lid; Wallmount; Steel; Gray; 16x12x7 In; NEMA 1; Hinged; N1A Series
Electrical Enclosures
no image available 1825360-2 Te Connectivity Switch; Ade03A04=3 Pos Dip Switch; itch
no image available U357161-120-60 Norgren VALVE; S3; 3WMP; UL; BRS; BRKGRM; BUNA; KIP
Solenoid Valves
no image available CRZNG-50 Festo Trunnion Flange/Pivot Pin; ISO 15552; sz 50
Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

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