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KL351100 KL351100 American Electrical ASK 2S Fuse Terminal Block Beige 600V 6.3A 26-8 AWG w/o LED
Terminal Block Connectors
ERA3APB163V ERA3APB163V Image Match (1216) Datasheet
449 products
Panasonic Metal Film Surface Mnt Resistor 0603 Case 16kOhm ±0.1% 0.1W ±15ppm/degC
Film Resistors
no image available EMMS-AS-70-SK-LV-RM Festo Servo Motor; AC synch; 70mm flange; absenc multi turn; short; lo v; f key; shor
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available PG-35-103R-NGF Nidec Copal Electronics Pres gauge; -100~1000kPa; cmpnd; swtch NPN; crrsv gases/lqds; G3/8; stem mount
Pressure Gauges & Vacuum Gauges
179955-3 179955-3 Image Match (4) Te Connectivity Dynamic 5000 PCB Conn Contact; Female; Crimp; Tin Plating 14 - 16 AWG
Board Level Connector Contacts
no image available T5L400BL Abb T5L 400 UL/CSA PR221DS-LS/I 400 3p
no image available V6D1G66C-GRC00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
HMISCU8A5 HMISCU8A5 Schneider Electric 5.7" Color Touch Controller Panel, Dig 16 inputs/10 outputs,Ethernet,USB
Industrial Monitors
RP15-2415SFW RP15-2415SFW Image Match (20) Datasheet
11 products
RECOM Power Recom Iso DC-DC Converter; Vin 9 to 36V dc; Vout 15V dc; I/O isolation 1600V dc
Converter (DC-DC Power Supplies)
1419045 1419045 Image Match (5) Phoenix Contact Cable assembly; M12 male; Right Angle; wire Leads; round; Shielded; 16.4ft; 5.00m; 5-pos
Industrial Cable Assemblies
FHL18G1-2 FHL18G1-2 Image Match (8) Datasheet
28 products
Bussmann by Eaton Military Qualified Panel-Mount F02 and F03 Fuse Holder, 20A, 23-33V
Fuse Holders
no image available EM2249-C-132# Pomona Electronics BNC (M); RG58C/U MTO BULK
Coaxial / RF Cables
no image available CP130B-01 Abb CPCM PB MOM FLS BLK 1NC
Pushbutton Switches
G6J-2P-Y DC5 G6J-2P-Y DC5 Datasheet
6 products
Omron Electronic Components Relay; E-Mech; Gen Purp; DPDT; Cur-Rtg 0.3/1AAC/ADC; Ctrl-V 5DC; Vol-Rtg 125/30AC/DC
Signal Relays
0001.2502 0001.2502 Datasheet
17 products
Schurter Fuse Cylinder, Time-Lag 0.63A, 250 VAC 5x20mm, Ceramic, SPT 5x20 Series
no image available CCWH6 Cablofil CCWH6 - Box of 100
no image available 004331203 Altech Fuse, NH00, gR, M, 16A, 690VAC 440VDC, For hNVS5, 50kA AC
229-2-27508-15 229-2-27508-15 Image Match (2161) Datasheet
3210 products
Sensata - Airpax Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker, 2 Pole, 209 Series
D38999/27HH2CC D38999/27HH2CC Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/27HH2CCHermeticDTS23H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
1780964 1780964 Datasheet
15 products
Thermocouple & Probe Accessories
BI7-Q08-AP6X2-0.2-PKW3M BI7-Q08-AP6X2-0.2-PKW3M Image Match (15) Turck ProXimity Sensor; 7mm Sensing DistanceNO; PNP; Flush Mount
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available PSD5-2.250-BRE Datasheet
560 products
Fabco-Air Cylinder; 2" Bore; Pancake II series
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available V6B2AX0B-00000-000-XMPL1 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available 831TA0300BHMDE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; abs press; 0-300PSI
no image available TBT-1ABG11006PZ Datasheet
137 products
SICK Temperature Sensor; TBT; -50°C to +250°C; Cbl Glnd M16 x 1.5; 4mA to 20mA; 2Wire
Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)
no image available A72SP36F3 Datasheet
10 products
Hoffman Internal Panel, Full Panel, 60.00X31.00 White, fits 72.06X36.00, Steel
Electrical Internal Panels
no image available IMC1210SY2R2J Datasheet
510 products
Vishay Dale Inductor; IMC-1210 2.2 5% R98
no image available DE027NN Hammond Power Solutions DRIVE 3PH 27kVA 575-575 AL
7078886 7078886 Datasheet
106 products
RS Pro by Allied Axial Carbon Resistor 2.2kOhm ±5% 2W -500 - +350ppm/ deg C
Film Resistors
no image available 831FD0100BLSDE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/4NPTM; dif press; 0-100PSI
no image available BC5-S18-Y1X Turck Sensor, Capacitive, M18, 5mm Range, 2 Wire, 8.2VDC, NAMUR, 2 Meter, M2006000
Capacitive Proximity Sensors
no image available MKP385220063JBM2B0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP385 0; 002?F ?5% 630Vdc Pitch5
Film Capacitors
137843 137843 RS Pro by Allied Hex Socket Set Stainless Steel Plain Socket Screw M6x16mm
Fasteners & Hardware
no image available MKP383324040JC02R0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP; 400Vdc; 200Vac; 0; 024?F; 7; 5pitch
Film Capacitors
BU-PB12-4 BU-PB12-4 Image Match (19) Datasheet
39 products
Test Connectors
9139154 9139154 RS Pro by Allied TRAILING SOCKET SCHUKO 20M PVC
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 5814171100 AVENTICS VALVE; DIRECTION CONTROL; V581-5/2SR-024DC-I4-1CNH-HBX-AA-X-C-T1
BES00E0 BES00E0 Image Match (3) Balluff ProXimity Sensor, M12, 2mm , Flush, NPN/NO, 2m PUR cable
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available 607.5619.122 Altech Srf Diagnostic Device
CTS2.5U-N/Y CTS2.5U-N/Y Datasheet
2 products
Altech Conn TermBlk DINRail FeedThru 22-12AWG (6Wx45Hx43L)mm Yellow 25A
Terminal Block Connectors
M18GXXPQP M18GXXPQP Image Match (24) Datasheet
179 products
Banner Engineering M18 Series EZ-LIGHT: 1-Color General Purpose Indic; 78657
Lighting Products
no image available PLB4G020A06 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Receptacle Front Nut Gray 6 Pin 6 A PLB Series
Standard Circular Connectors
631.4212.695 631.4212.695 Altech MAGNETIC SWITCH; MAK-1212-A-1
Magnetic and Reed Switches
no image available WSC WKC E80-7M Turck Cordset; WSC WKC E80-7M; U-00884
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available BES051J Balluff Inductive sensor; 5 x 27mm; Cable; Normally open (NO)
1509445 1509445 Image Match (3) Phoenix Contact Cable Assembly, M12 Male Straight-Pigtail, 4 Con, Black, M12 Cordset Series
Industrial Cable Assemblies
B 917 B 917 Image Match (4) ABB Thomas & Betts Connector 5Hole Angle; 4.5"L; Length From Beam 3" x 1.5"W; 9/16"Hole; Steel
no image available 9982-4907 Altech Ind Prox Sens,M12,F,PNP,NO,4mm,BN, 10-30VDC, 1000Hz, 10m PVC
Inductive Proximity Sensors
826925-4 826925-4 Image Match (3) Te Connectivity PCB Header, Vertical, 4w, Double Row, Straight, Tin, AMPMODU Mod II Series
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
Solenoid Valves
00352223 00352223 Image Match (21) Datasheet
49 products
Lapp Group Olflex Classic 100Cy Flex Control Cable, Shielded, 18Awg/4C, Pvc, Transparent
Multiconductor Cables
no image available C6050ALBR-1197W-B Arcolectric Switch; rocker; 22.1 x 30 mm pnl hole; Red rkr; OI lgd; DPST; 20A/250VAC; UL CSA
Rocker Switches
no image available R5J9K1 Datasheet
178 products
Ohmite RES 9.1K OHM 5W 5% RADIAL
Wirewound Resistors
152479 152479 Datasheet
5 products
RS Pro by Allied 2 Piece M5 HSS Straight Flute Tap Set Taper Tap and Plug Tap
Threading Tools
794648 794648 RS Pro by Allied Steel Construction Nail Puller 19.02" (483 mm) Steel w/ Integral Slide Hammer
Pry Bars
no image available LL58-G ABB Thomas & Betts PVC Coated Conduit Body; LL Shape; Form8; Size 1-1/2"/41mm; Iron; Dark Gray
L0402C4N7SRMST L0402C4N7SRMST Image Match (35) KEMET Inductor; High Frequency; Ind4.7 nH; Tol±0.3nH; Cur300mA; SMT; DCR0.21 Ohms
ZB32-16 ZB32-16 RS COMPONENTS UK Overload relay for DILM contactor; 10-16A
LR6-302WJNU-RYG LR6-302WJNU-RYG Datasheet
892 products
Patlite Light Tower; 60mm; 3-Tier; 24VDC; Direct Mount; No Flash; Silver; LR6 Series
Light Towers
D38999/27HF66XN D38999/27HF66XN Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/27HF66XNHermeticDTS23H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
T197415 T197415 Flir Commercial Systems - FLIR Close-Up 1X Lens; FOV 8mm x 6mm at 20mm; IFOV 25µm (A3XX; T4XX)
Thermal Imager Accessories
ERJ-8GEYJ751V ERJ-8GEYJ751V Image Match (857) Datasheet
470 products
Panasonic Resistor,Thick Film,Res 750 Ohms,Pwr-Rtg 0.25 W,Tol 5%,SMT,1206,Cut Tape
Film Resistors
8463 8463 Abbatron / HH Smith Standoff; 5/16 Hex; Female; Thread 10-32; Length 1/2; Alum/Clear Chromate
no image available VMPA14-M1H-H-G1/8-PI Festo Valve; solenoid; 2x3/2 op/cl; 550L/min; G1/8
Solenoid Valves
no image available 3NE7427-0C Siemens FUSE, SITOR, SIZE 3, 250A, 2000V, INDICATOR
no image available 28108 Parallax QTI Line Follower AppKit
no image available 831TG0006BHMDB PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; gauge press; 0-6PSI
no image available 101TL144-6F Datasheet
718 products
Toggle Switches
no image available ON75G5E-R58 Ohmite 2 WATT CARBON FILM RESISTOR
Film Resistors
1554G2GYSL 1554G2GYSL Datasheet
103 products
Hammond Manufacturing Enclosure; Box-Lid; Polycarbonate; UL945V; Gray; 4.7x3.5x3.15 In; NEMA13; 1554 Series
Electronic Enclosure
0315 03 0315 03 Datasheet
8 products
Lumberg Connector, Circular, 3, 0.75, 5 A, 250 VAC, 10^13 Ohms, 2 pF (Approx.), -40 C
Standard Circular Connectors
V-9760-L V-9760-L Datasheet
6 products
BUD Industries Enclosure; Door; Alum Frame; Gasketed.18in Thick Gray Plas Insert; 21in Panel Space
Cabinet & Rack Component Parts
no image available EB2011-A-J43ACF Datasheet
291 products
NKK Switches Switch,P/B,SPDT,ON-(ON),Blk Cap,High Rise,Blk Bzl W/2 LED-R/G,3A,125VAC,Solder
Pushbutton Switches
LED9WT8F/24/840K-G4A LED9WT8F/24/840K-G4A Image Match (12) Eiko 4000K LED Advantage T8 9W 800lm 2ft Linear 120-277VAC Bi-Pin 80+CRI 2BD Frosted
no image available VPPE-3-1-1/8-2-420-E1 Festo Proportional-Pressure Regulator; 3 way; G1/8;.02-2 bar reg range; 310L/min
Pneumatic Regulators
no image available 117202 Datasheet
18 products
LUTZE High Flex TP Electronic Cable Shielded 19 AWG/0.75mm 4 pairs; PUR; 300V UL AWM
no image available PND3-CB1.000-E Fabco-Air Cylinder; industry interchangeable; 1-1/16" Bore; dbl act; Pancake II series
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available XW2Z-100D Omron Automation 1M Cable; 32Pts to 2 16pt
Terminal Block Connectors
BMH1001T22F1A BMH1001T22F1A Image Match (192) Schneider Electric motor 100mm IP65 nokey enc multi128 strbrk
Servo Motors
no image available BX4A3K-1A Datasheet
30 products
Honeywell Snap Action Limit Switch, Haz Location, Side Rotary, 1NO 1NC, BXA /BX2A Series
Limit Switches
no image available 4543485 Square D Circuit Breaker NRJF36300CU43AAASKY018
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available A16L-JYM-24D-2 Omron Automation Pushbutton; Illuminated; A16 Series; IP40 RecYelMom 24VdcDPDT
Pushbutton Switches
no image available C-321-ODR Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 2" Bore
no image available CQH-15-QS-12 Festo Push-in Sleeve; 15mm to 12mm; for PQ tubes; conn CQ to QS fittings
2FMU8223 2FMU8223 Image Match (3) Datasheet
17 products
POBCO Flange Bearing; 2 Bolt Side Flange; UHMW; 5-1/8in Mtg Hole Centers; 1-7/16in Shaft
Bearing Flanges
no image available TIGM5M-1S-BL-NBL Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
no image available 750XBXM4L-110/125D Datasheet
25 products
Schneider Electric/Legacy Relays Relay; E-Mech; Power; DPDT; Cur-Rtg 16A; Ctrl-V 110/125DC; Vol-Rtg 120; 277/28AC/DC
no image available MP175-C0 Datasheet
11 products
Panduit Harness Identification Marker Plate; 1.75" x 0.75"; black
CRCW0402324KFKED CRCW0402324KFKED Image Match (697) Datasheet
2007 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Thick Film; 324 Kilohms; 0.063 W; 1%; SMT; 0402; TCR 37 ppm/DegC; Cut Tape
Film Resistors
no image available ILD74 Vishay Dale PHOTOTRANSISTOR; TEKT5400
no image available FA26070AB8002 Square D MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 70A
no image available 09-3431-282-04 Binder UK SOCKET WITH WIRES
no image available SMT13K112KKK Hammond Power Solutions SMT13K112KKK
929504-7 929504-7 Te Connectivity Junior Power Timer Series 5mm Pitch 22 Way 2 Row Female Straight PCB Housing
Standard Rectangular Connectors
HBL300MW HBL300MW Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Single pole, 300A Male plug, White
Rectangular High Current Connectors
Pushbutton Switches
no image available BFC237515184 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; FlimKP/MKP 180nF3; 5% 630Vdc Pitch 27; 5mm
Film Capacitors
no image available BKF 19-19-0.3 Datasheet
2680 products
Turck M Series Connector, U-27422
M Series Connectors
no image available 11-18-4010 Molex 60703-12, CONDUCTOR, ANVIL
D38999/21HE99CN D38999/21HE99CN Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/21HE99CNHermeticDTS20H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
Power Crimpers
no image available 3RS1020-1DD20 Siemens TMP MON REL; PT100; 0 TO 200C; 24VAC/DC; SC
Monitoring Relays
F-26X F-26X Triad Magnetics Transformer, Power, Bobbin, 1, Freq 50/60Hz, Pri 115VAC, Sec 12.6 (CT)VAC, UL
Industrial Transformers
no image available AR-06-B Festo Roller Lever; for valve
Replacement Parts/Accessories
no image available 3RU21161EB0 Datasheet
39 products
Siemens Overload Relay Cl10 S00 2.8-4A Screw
SRS-2-12MM SRS-2-12MM Image Match (412) Bivar Self Retaining PVC Screw Spacer,12mm Length,.25 OD,.174 ID,(M3.5)Screw,Gry
F66GCPNK F66GCPNK Image Match (7) Datasheet
183 products
Hoffman Closure Plate without knockout Gray; 6.00x6.00; Steel
Cabinet & Rack Cable Management
no image available KMR7-8SZ QA1 PRECISION PRODUCTS ROD END (K) 3-PC CARBON, M-R 7/16-1/2 STUD ZERK
2203547 2203547 Phoenix Contact D L 4 6 128X P
PLC Accessories
no image available LW7LA1C26W IDEC 25mm sq Pushbutton Illuminated
BAE0069 BAE0069 Balluff BDD - Digital Display; BDD-AM 10-1-SSD
Sensor Displays
no image available MTE-321-X-HHC Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 2" Bore
1803323-4 1803323-4 Image Match (322) Te Connectivity CRIMPER; WIRE; F PREMIUM
CL1408TM CL1408TM Image Match (2) Baldor-Reliance AC Motor, Jet Pump, 3HP, 1725 rpm, 1-Ph, 184TC, 3634LC, Open, GO1 Series
AC Motors
60121 60121 Image Match (25) Datasheet
600 products
Wiha Tools 1/4 Socket 6 Point 8.0 x 25mm
no image available 1SVR730712R1400 Abb Temperature Monitoring Relay With Nc, No Contacts, 24 - 240 V Ac/Dc
no image available BFC237545432 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; FlimKP/MKP 4; 3nF3; 5% 2000Vdc Pitch 22; 5mm
Film Capacitors
0830304 0830304 Image Match (2) Phoenix Contact Plastic Label; Card; White; Unlabeled; US-EMLP (104X135) UNISHEET Series
Printable Sheets
no image available 79211672 Crouzet Switch; 139EX ACT SW-83139 R=15.8 SS
Switch Actuators, Switch Operators
no image available PS21L-NT11RT-T00 Datasheet
46 products
Carlo Gavazzi Electromechanical limit switch,nylon roller lever,30x30mm house
Limit Switches
1618210 1618210 Image Match (4) Datasheet
4 products
RS Pro by Allied Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply I/P:88 to 264V ac O/P:12V dc 15.6W 1.3A
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
1N2996R 1N2996R Image Match (705) Solid State Manufacturing DO410 Watt Zener Diodes
Zener Diodes
4319465 4319465 RS Pro by Allied Zip-lock shielding bag 102x102mm 10piece
C0603X362F3JACAUTO C0603X362F3JACAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
1806 products
KEMET Cap Cer 0603 3.6nF 25V U2J±1% AUTO
Ceramic Capacitors
no image available 1-1616542-4 Te Connectivity TE; A&D High Performance Group; Relay; E327W=RELAY
C1206C224K3JACAUTO C1206C224K3JACAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
2465 products
KEMET Cap Cer 1206 220nF 25V U2J±10% AUTO
Ceramic Capacitors
no image available 5382-4SG-524 Conxall MULTI-CON CABLE-CABLE #16 SOLDER
Standard Circular Connectors
GT.75X1802 GT.75X1802 Hellermanntyton Grip Tie Roll, 180" Long,.75" Wide, PA6/PP, Red
Cable Ties & Banding
no image available R432008631 AVENTICS REPAIR KIT; CERAM-ISO2-GS2-RUBBE&
ACTIVERED-15M ACTIVERED-15M Image Match (5) The Stadium Group Cable Assemblies - HDMI to HDMI ACTIVERED-15M
no image available 42-3727-5 Eaton - Cutler Hammer 480V T184 TRANS
no image available 12-FFB-45050-120/60 Fabco-Air Solenoid Valve, Directional Control, 1/2 NPT, 4 Way, 12 Series
Solenoid Valves
no image available R595347125 Radiall SP2 P S6 LI 15 TL C+D DS
RF Connectors
CL07A311M1 CL07A311M1 Image Match (124) Datasheet
172 products
Industrial Connections & Solutions GE Contactor,IEC,3 Pole,65A,24VAC@60Hz/24VAC@50Hz Coil,DIN Rail,1NO,1NC Aux Contact
CA901/2 CA901/2 Image Match (3) Datasheet
18 products
Altech Jumper; Term Block; Wire Type; for CSC4T
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
14310817401000 14310817401000 Image Match (8) Harting har-flexicon; 8pin female; vertical; - 30-12AWG; 15Amps; pitch 5.08mm
no image available LB6K33ST6D1H IDEC LB 16mm Key Selector DPDT D
HV574PG-G HV574PG-G Microchip Technology 80-CHANNEL; PUSH PULL; 80V100 PQFP 20x14x3.4mm TRAY
Counters & Shift Registers
HS35R2048H35A HS35R2048H35A Image Match (2152) Datasheet
3202 products
Dynapar Encoder,Heavy Duty,Hollow Shaft,400g Shock20g Vib,1"BR ST DIF 5-26V 18"CB
no image available D38999/20JG41BA Datasheet
1276 products
Souriau Receptacle; Wall Mount
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available TI-7-XK-BFR-MR Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 3/4" Bore
no image available ATM4 Datasheet
19 products
Mersen Fuse, Midget, Fast-Acting, 100kA I.R, 1 1/2" X 13/32", 600VAC/DC, 4A
52104250 52104250 Image Match (9) Datasheet
59 products
Lapp Group Adapters, SKINDICHT Adapters, MA M/PG, M32, PG 16, Nickel-plated Brass
Liquid Tight Strain Relief Accessories
BCC03KK BCC03KK Image Match (29) Balluff BCC - Connectivity Products; BCC M324-M424-3E-304-PX0434-010
Industrial Cable Assemblies
11BG09T2D024 11BG09T2D024 Image Match (6) Lovato Electric Four-Pole Contactor; DC Coil; 24V DC; 2NO/ 2NC
STJ2E4-53 STJ2E4-53 Image Match (3) Datasheet
18 products
Carling Technologies Switch; Sealed Toggle; DP; ON-OFF-ON; MIL-DTL-3950G; IP68; 16A; 12/24V; Screw Terminal
Toggle Switches
no image available PLC1G122C10 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Inline Receptacle Gray 10 Pin 3 A PLC Series
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available PDG33MH250P2MJ Datasheet
794 products
Eaton - Cutler Hammer PDG3; Three Pole; 250A-High; 65KA/480V; PXR25 LSI
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available MP6X4X3X1FF-BFR-MR Fabco-Air Multi-Power, 6" Bore
NTE5899 NTE5899 Image Match (181) Datasheet
17 products
Rectifier & Schottky Diodes
no image available 2ALM5LB-012 Altech Push Button Oper. 22mm; Ill; Mushroom; Mom; Amber; 12 V; LED
Pushbutton Switches
BK160H BK160H Browning FHP CI H BORE SHEAVES; 1042696
Wedge & Vee Belt Pulleys
no image available 8652A6S520111F1 AVENTICS SLOW START VALVE; 3/2; 1/4N KT; 652 SERIES
no image available CNN40 Mersen Fuse, Forklift Truck, Stud Mount Bolt-In, 130VAC, 75VDC, 40A
no image available NL884B ABB Thomas & Betts Circuit Safe Polycarbonate NEMA Enclosure with external hinge; 8"x 8" x 4
no image available V6DAD66C-CNC00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available RNC55H3241FRB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-55 3.24K 1% T-2RNC55H3241FR B14
Film Resistors
V3-GM-BK3M-PUR-U-V3-GM V3-GM-BK3M-PUR-U-V3-GM Image Match (5) Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Cordset; Cables/Connectors; 230059
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available PT00SE-14-19P(001) Datasheet
20670 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; RECEPT
Standard Circular Connectors
SFS4-DC12V SFS4-DC12V Image Match (17) Datasheet
8 products
Panasonic SAFETY Relay 12VDC 288Ohm 6A 4PST-NO/DPST-NC
Safety Relays
no image available 821302452 AVENTICS Regulator; air pressure; G 3/8; NL2-RGS-G038-GAU-MAN-060-SS
Pneumatic Regulators
22CC37C0437 22CC37C0437 Image Match (2) Datasheet
2 products
Essentra Components Cable Clamp; Screw Mount;.438 Hold;.375 Width
Cable Clamps & Clips

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