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no image available M699AG438047004 AVENTICS FLAT GAUGE KIT; 699 SERIES; 175 PSI NBR
BCC03JP BCC03JP Image Match (18) Balluff BCC - Connectivity Products; BCC M314-M414-3E-304-PX0434-003
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available RAFI Keylock Switch Actuator; RAFIX 22 FS; 1x40; Square; MOM; Key Remove 0; Red Ring
Switch Actuators, Switch Operators
no image available ERA6AEB823V Datasheet
48 products
Panasonic ERA Series Thin Film Smnt Resistor 0805Case 82kOhm ±0.1% 0.125W ±25ppm/degC
Film Resistors
no image available MHA1-M1H-3/2O-0,6-HC Festo Valve; solenoid; 3/2 NC; 24VAC; patt H;.6mm flange; subbase type
Solenoid Valves
8020327 8020327 Datasheet
2 products
RS Pro by Allied Wall Mount Server Cabinet 6 Units 23.6 x 15.7 x 14.4in (600 x 400 x 366mm)
Cabinet & Rack
no image available RKV 490-0.4M Turck Cordset; RKV 490-0.4M; U-03191
Industrial Cable Assemblies
GXC250-250 GXC250-250 Image Match (8) Panduit Grounding Cross Connector; 2/0 AWG - 250 kcmil or 1/2" Rod
no image available 6GA5M-NRD8-XTH1 Carling Technologies Toggle Switch; General Purpose; G Series
Toggle Switches
GG222 GG222 Image Match (11) Burndy 2 BRAID TO 4 IPS; High Copper Alloy Ground Connector; One-Wrench Installation
103311-3 103311-3 Te Connectivity TE; Data and Devices; Rectangular/PCB Connectors; 016 LOPRO HDR RA 30DP
no image available 528259P25 Square D Circuit Breaker JGP36250YE
Equipment Circuit Breakers
CDF2478VLG1 CDF2478VLG1 Image Match (77) Datasheet
57 products
Hammond Manufacturing rack - solid flush door
Cabinet & Rack Component Parts
no image available FOC-IPSCMM-48D Datasheet
24 products
L-com IP68 Rated SC Connector; Multimode; 4.8mm Crimp Sleeve; with Dust Cap
no image available WL-QT Datasheet
2 products
3M 3M(TM) Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel WL-QTOne Quart
Cleaners & Degreasers
no image available MKT1813-468-065 Vishay Dale CAPS POLYESTER O.68UF 63V
no image available 053GAB155A-140Y Datasheet
16 products
Sensata - Pressure Low Profile 1/2 IN Fixed Temperature Thermostat Open on rise 155F Close 140F
PBW30F-12 PBW30F-12 Datasheet
3 products
Cosel U.S.A. Power Supply,AC-DC,12V@1.3A,-12V@1.3A,85-264V In,Open Frame,PFC,PAA Series
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available FGMM32X25N Fabco-Air FGM Twin Guide Shaft Cylinder
6 products
Red Lion Controls Panel Meter; OptionCard for Dual Rate Totalizer; Modbus Comm. w/Dual RJ11
Plug-In Option Cards, Modules, Relay Boards & Software
no image available ASD-19.200MHZ-C-S-T3 Abracon Abracon Frequency Control- ASD-19.200MHz-C-S-T3
Crystal Oscillators
no image available BB-LR2F711721-3 Advantech LR77 v2FG3 ETH WIFI SL set
no image available RWA1C680MEG Datasheet
10 products
Nichicon Capacitor; Alum Electrolytic; SMT; 16V 68uF 20%
no image available G1MPMT4-10R Abb 30MM ESTOP TW 60MM W/O HLDR
Emergency Stop Push Buttons
2701539 2701539 Image Match (4) Phoenix Contact PLC Expansion Module, Ethernet Digital 16 In 16 Out M12, 24V, Axioline E Series
PLC Expansion Modules
no image available M4SS1-10B Abb SEL SW 4 POS MAINT BLK KNOB
Selector Switches
no image available P2AM4-1S2 Altech Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers; 12A MCB; D CHAR; 1POLE; 125VDC; UL489
Miniature Circuit Breakers
09552696821741 09552696821741 Image Match (25) Harting Connectors, D-Sub, Standard, 15p STR MA PL2 pin M3 SL
D-Sub Connectors
no image available C5-G30DX/024VDC Turck C5-G30DX/024VDC; R4989
Power Relays
no image available 687720200002 Datasheet
45 products
Wurth Electronics 6877 FFC Jumper Cable; 0.5mm; 200mm Cable Length; 500 mA; 60 V ac
Multiconductor Cables
no image available MC6DC-1012 Omron Safety (Sti) MC6DC-1012
Safety Controllers
REC5-2409SRW/H4/A REC5-2409SRW/H4/A Image Match (552) Datasheet
2953 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; DIP24 4kV 2:1; Single; 5W; 09V; 556mA; REC5-S_DRW(Z) Series
DC-DC Converters
no image available MX84B024SF1 JAE Electronics Connector; Automotive Grade; 24 pin socket housing; UL94V-0
no image available VD5AS003-7ZZ13-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
THT-46-718-10 THT-46-718-10 Image Match (2) Datasheet
18 products
Brady Thermal Transfer Polyimide Label 0.25"Hx 0.75"W Roll of 10000 Labels
Printer Reels & Rolls
3000660 3000660 Phoenix Contact PPC 2 5/6
no image available 6KFP23025X2RXCA1 Industrial Connections & Solutions GE AF-600 FP DRIVE 230V 3-PH 25HP
AC Drives
7167721 7167721 Image Match (1231) Datasheet
801 products
RS Pro by Allied Thick Film Surface Mount Resistor 0201 Case 3.6kOhm ±1% 0.05W ±200ppm/ deg C
no image available Q12000S01 Siemens Circuit Breaker 20A 1P 120V 10K QP 120V SHUNT
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available GTC01AF-20-19P Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Inline receptacle;
C1812C104M8JACAUTO C1812C104M8JACAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
2465 products
KEMET Cap Cer 1812 0.1µF 10V U2J±20% AUTO
Ceramic Capacitors
no image available CD15FD221GO3 Cornell-Dubilier Mica Capacitors 500Volts
Mica Capacitors
no image available B-11-40-9-C Ideal Industries CBL TIE; 11IN; 40LB; NAT
Cable Ties & Banding
5254B 5254B Blue Sea Systems Fuse Ami/Midi 70A (Flm- 25)
D38999/21YJ19CE D38999/21YJ19CE Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/21YJ19CEHermeticDTS20Y
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available D38999/20JE8PA Datasheet
1276 products
Souriau Receptacle; Wall Mount
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available EUS-704.01-8192 EAO Switch, Pushbutton, Illuminated, LPB RND WORANGE LENS
Pushbutton Switches
no image available S5KCAFLTRKIT Solahd Accessory; UPS; Standard Air Filter Kit
no image available DM1-150X4-FB-CB-IPB-MP Bimba MFD CYLINDER; TIE ROD; 1-1/2 IN BORE; MEAD
SKT 553/12 E SKT 553/12 E Image Match (10) Datasheet
5 products
SEMIKRON Thyristor/Diode Discretes; Square plastic case with isolated metal base plate an
SKBZ 28/08 SKBZ 28/08 Image Match (22) Datasheet
5 products
SEMIKRON SEMIPONT; Glass Passivated Silicon chipwith Fast-on terminals; 800V; 50A
AT60-204-12141 AT60-204-12141 Amphenol Sine/Tuchel Nickel-Plated Male Contact, Standard Pin #12
Board Level Connector Contacts
no image available FA3-CL3PMC Fabco-Air Combo w/Lubricator; 3/8NPT; FA series
no image available CB-06BFFA-QL8MN0 Amphenol LTW Technology Connector; XLOK; C SIZE FIELD INSTALLABLE 10A 6P F CONN F PIN CRIMP
no image available AF305B-30-22RT-11 Abb CONTACTOR 3P 400A 20-60VDC/24-60VAC
XTAR050D11RD3E075 XTAR050D11RD3E075 Image Match (491) Eaton - Cutler Hammer DOL Reversing Starter,3 Pole,IEC,15-75A FLA,12VAC 50/60Hz Coil,1NO,1NC Aux
Motor Starters
no image available HPP845E132R5 Datasheet
4 products
Te Connectivity Sensor; I.C 21PFRH/T B5000; Humidity; HPP845E132R5
no image available MTZ100-3VI Danfoss COMPRESSOR 4C; MTZ100HS3VE 9 HP MT RECIP WITH POE OIL
Refrigerant Compressors
1860554 1860554 RS Pro by Allied Hose Protector Black 50m Len 11.5-16mm Compatible Hose Size 1.25mm Wall
Sleeves & Tubing
no image available DSBG-40-320-PPVA-N3 Festo Cylinder; ISO 15552; sgl end rod; sensor ready; man adj cush; 40x320mm stroke
Pneumatic Actuators
2854209 2854209 Phoenix Contact Electronic housing; lateral element; for use with UM 122
Cabinet & Rack Component Parts
IWPTLU-GP005-00 IWPTLU-GP005-00 Image Match (9) Datasheet
9 products
Sensata - Cynergy3 Pressure Sensors,Wireless LR Pressure Transmitter, 0-5psiG 1/4"NPT, WIFI
Pressure Sensors
7171950 7171950 Image Match (1231) Datasheet
801 products
RS Pro by Allied Thick Film SMT Resistor 0805 Case 16.5Ohm ±1% 0.125W ±100ppm/ deg C
Film Resistors
no image available S202MTUC-C10 Abb MCB S200MTUC 2P C 10A AC/DC RAIL
no image available P-PWR-GKDFV 32-2M/14.5/NPT Turck Process Automation; Cordset; P-PWR-GKDFV 32-2M/14.5/NPT
Industrial Cable Assemblies
DRQ125-150-R DRQ125-150-R Image Match (17) Datasheet
53 products
Eaton Electronics Inductor; Power Shielded Drum Core Inductor; 15uH; 5.69A
no image available LW6MF21C75S IDEC 25mm Selector Switch Lighted
no image available 801-43-012-61-001000 Mill-Max STANDARD SOCKET HEADER; 12 Pins; Tin (matte) over Nickel
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
KJB6T19W32SN KJB6T19W32SN Datasheet
84 products
ITT Cannon KJB; Straight Plug; 32 way; socket
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 608.6100.095 Altech LIMIT SWITCH, PLASTIC BODY,I88-U1Z VKW LI
Limit Switches
E2E-X30MC3L30-R 5M E2E-X30MC3L30-R 5M Image Match (100) Datasheet
2640 products
Omron Automation Inductive Proximity Sensor; 3-Wire; M3030mm; NPN/NO+NC; Long; E2E Next Series
Inductive Proximity Sensors
KB15MKW01-28-CC KB15MKW01-28-CC Datasheet
1049 products
NKK Switches Switch,P/B,SPDT,ON-(ON),Round,Snap-In,28V Incand,Red/Red Cap,1A,125VAC,Solder
no image available 71006393 RS Pro by Allied Air Duster 152a Invertible Canned Air Cleaner Flammable 14.2 fl oz Aerosol
1775680 1775680 Phoenix Contact Connector, Power, Heavy Duty, HC-B 32-TFQ-80 HSNG PG29 STRT ENTRY
Rectangular Connector Hoods
DR08AW123 SL400 DR08AW123 SL400 Image Match (7) Datasheet
7 products
Alpha Wire EcofleX PUR Cordset , M12M STR to M12F 90DEG 22 AWG 08POL, DR08 AW123 SLATE 15M
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 103239-3 Te Connectivity Circular Connector, MODII HDR SRST B/A.100CL
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available FS 4.4-0.2/14.5/NPT/S613 Turck FS 4.4-0.2/14.5/NPT/S613; U-53963
M Series Connectors
3RT23261AB00 3RT23261AB00 Image Match (22) Siemens CONTACTOR RES S0 35A 24VAC 5NO/1NC SCRW
MS4800S-14-0960-10X-10R MS4800S-14-0960-10X-10R Image Match (1555) Datasheet
1669 products
Omron Safety (Sti) MS4800S-14-0960-10X-10R SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN
Light Curtains
no image available 24451 Keystone Electronics METRIC Standoff
no image available 20CIF06 Bussmann by Eaton 20AMP CANADIAN FUSE
no image available ADC-02AFFM-LL7A10 Amphenol LTW Technology Connector; LARGE(D)SIZE; 20ALOCKIP67STRAIGHT; MOLDED2PFCONNFPINPVCJACKETL=10M
P255-30G-D4A P255-30G-D4A Image Match (13) Datasheet
19 products
Sensata - Kavlico Pressure Transducer; 0-30PSI; Gauge; pressure conn 1/8-27NPT; stainless steel
Pressure Sensors
97-3107A-24-9P(621) 97-3107A-24-9P(621) Image Match (194) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Plug,Quick Disconnect Plug,Male,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available HC62536001100 Datasheet
515 products
no image available ABPMRNN060PGAA3 Honeywell Board Mounted Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor ICs
no image available 16C2A0 GEMS Sensors Circuit Board Control Module; Open; 26K; 240V; 1/16" panel; Warrick Series 16
Level Controllers
GPS2BSAT GPS2BSAT Image Match (2) Datasheet
12 products
Industrial Connections & Solutions GE Motor Starter; Manual; 35.0-40.0A; Standard Breaking; Rotary Handle; Class 10
Advanced Motor Starters
no image available MKP383282200JC02Z0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP; 2000Vdc; 700Vac; 0; 0082?F; 7; 5pitch
Film Capacitors
no image available MY4ZIN DC48 (S) Omron Automation Ice cube relay; 4PDT; 48 VDC coil voltage; 5 A contact rating
Power Relays
no image available 1500BL4S3N12X B/W Controls RELAY 1500 SERIES 0 NO 1 NC 600V PC 40VSC N12 ENCL
Level Controllers
1829660 1829660 Image Match (12) Datasheet
12 products
RS Pro by Allied Slotted Screwdriver 3mm Tip 100mm Blade 190mm Overall Chrome Vanadium Steel
Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
no image available DFS25A-A1CAN008192 Datasheet
190 products
SICK Incremental Encoder; Cbl; Radial; 5m; 30 V; Sol Shaft; Sq Flng; 1/4"; 8; 192PPR
A72X7312SSLPN4 A72X7312SSLPN4 Image Match (12) Datasheet
13 products
Hoffman Two Door N4X Disconnect Encl; 72.12x73.75x12.12; SS Type 304
Electrical Enclosures
no image available TMSTHS19-D0 Datasheet
16 products
Panduit Cable Tie Mount,.75" (19.1mm) Stud, Nylon, Black
Cable Tie Mounts
3M 1350F-1 0.50" X 72YD- BLACK 3M 1350F-1 0.50" X 72YD- BLACK Image Match (9) Datasheet
251 products
Tapecase Flame-Retardant Polyester Film; 2.5 mil; Acrylic - 0.5in x 72yd Roll
no image available BIS14PLN03121020M Souriau Insert size 14 - Hybrid 3 contacts size12+ 10 contacts size 20- male
REC3-1212DRW/H2/C/SMD REC3-1212DRW/H2/C/SMD Image Match (1406) Datasheet
2954 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; SMD; 2kV; reg 2:1; 3W; ±12V; ±125mA; REC3-S_DRW(Z) Series
no image available TA1916Z IKO International Shell Type Needle Roller Bearing
Roller Bearings
no image available L28D1S002-BZZ00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch,Sealed,L Series
Rocker Switches
no image available 14512 Heyco Liquid Tight Cordgrips; M16 x 1; 5; Brass
no image available RBK-ILS-PROC-HTR-PIVT-ASY Te Connectivity TE; Application Tooling; Circular Connectors; RBK-ILS-PROC-HTR-PIVT-ASSY
no image available A3PJ-5161 Omron Automation LIGHTED PUSH BUTTON
no image available 8-146464-8 Te Connectivity Connector; AMPMODU; 38 Modii Hdr Srst Unshrd Stkg
no image available TIGM71-1F-BL-FN Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
no image available RM15TRD-10S Hirose Electric 10WAY VIDEO CHASSIS SKT
595-2301-002F 595-2301-002F Dialight Indicator,LED PCB Surface Bulb 2 mm Green Round Single Right Angle 11mcd
165399-1 165399-1 Te Connectivity Crimp rcp Shur-plug 4mmdia 0.5-2.5 sq.mm
Crimp Terminals
PMD600-A1 PMD600-A1 Image Match (3) Macromatic Phase Monitor Relay; 600VAC Nominal; Surface Mount
no image available 862 Panavise CCTV J-BOX PLATE BASE - BLACK
Vise Clamps and Accessories
no image available VFFK-C-K-R14-P Festo Flow Control/Silencer; needle valve; polymer; knurled screw; R1/4 male; inline
Flow Controls / Speed Controls
no image available PBI04100 Datasheet
20 products
no image available PDA/182125/M/25 Datasheet
126 products
Norgren Cylinder; ISO/VDMA; dbl act; 1/2" ISOG; 125 mm bore; magnetic; 25 mm stroke
1803329-1 1803329-1 Image Match (322) Te Connectivity CRIMPER; INSULATION O PREMIUM
no image available ACA3103G10SL-3SB(F80)(A23 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Rear Mount Recep; WithRear Threads; Flange; SZ-10SL
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available PDV05-3,50-H-M Altech Pluggable PCB Block; Dual Row Header; 5P; 3.50mm; Horiz.; 11A; 300V; Open Ends; Green
Terminal Strip Connectors

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