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ASL1001PB1F11B3A01 ASL1001PB1F11B3A01 Image Match (864) Datasheet
864 products
Setra Systems Diff Press Transducer±1 PSI; 1/8" NPT Fmale/Barb; 4-20mA; 6-Pin Bayonet; High Overp
Pressure Sensors
no image available D38999/20MJ35PDL Souriau Connector,Composite,flangereceptacle,Nickelplating,w/o,malecontacts,Sz-25
no image available TSLP3 Siemens BREAKER VL TRML SHD EXT 3P N/P
Circuit Breaker Accessories
no image available 62155419-0-0-N Carling Technologies Switch,Rocker,Small Sized,Non-Illuminated,611/621 Series
Rocker Switches
no image available 111Z-1.3/8 Bahco Tools COMBO WRENCH 111Z-1.3/8
no image available BNS035A Balluff Sensor; Mechanical Limit Switch; Snap contact; DIN 43697
97-3100A-22-4P 97-3100A-22-4P Image Match (1422) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Receptacle,Wall Receptacle,Solder,Solid Backshell,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
444334-2 444334-2 Te Connectivity FASTON 250 REC 0.3-0.8 MM2 ELECTRO TPBR
A 60 16 019 A 60 16 019 Datasheet
13 products
OKW Enclosures Dial background black index line
no image available 850-5M-15 GATES Synchronous Belt;HTD 5mm Section;PowerGrip Series
Synchronous Belts & Timing Belts
no image available NCDQ8AZ056-025 SMC CYLINDER; COMPACT; NCQ8 SERIES
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available CTVPS00RF-17-26P-LC Datasheet
1301 products
Amphenol Aerospace Connector, Circular, CTV 26C 26#20 PIN RC
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
7704207 7704207 Image Match (34) Datasheet
39 products
RS Pro by Allied 0603 MC 10nF Ceramic Multilayer Cap 100V +125degC X7R Dielectric ±10% SMD
no image available 6013GPMOMOT8B6 B/W Controls Electrode Sensor; GLAND PLUG/ROD ASSY 6' LONG MO/MO ROD W/TEF INSULATION
Liquid Level Sensors
no image available CA703/9 Altech Internal Jumper; 2P; 25mm Spacing; Use With DIN Terminal Block PTB35/50
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
no image available WSR2R3300DBA Vishay Dale Current Sense; WSR-2.33.5% B43
Current Sense Resistors
no image available 6012IFW2L118LP B/W Controls ELECTRODE ASSY; ICE FREE 115V 18' LG W/2 ELEC/4" PIPE/C FLANGE; 6012IFW SERIE
no image available RNC60J5492BSB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale ERC-55-200 54.9K.1% T-9 RNC60J5492BS B1
Film Resistors
no image available EC2-9NU Datasheet
66 products
KEMET Relay; Signal; 2FormC9V 10uA
no image available DIPBXPT522BBX04SSXG01000 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/2NPTM; gage pre
555-2001 555-2001 Datasheet
9 products
Dialight LED Circuit Board Indicator 2mm Single-Level General Purpose Red
no image available S1EM300KB00S Hammond Power Solutions S1EM300KB00S
no image available ZX-XC1R Omron Automation Ext. Robot Cable; 1M
no image available 6013GPNINIT8B8 B/W Controls Electrode Sensor; GLAND PLUG/ROD ASSY 8' LONG NI/NI ROD W/TEF INSULATION
Liquid Level Sensors
DTHA0934S DTHA0934S Image Match (53) Datasheet
82 products
Acme Electric Drive Isolation Transformer - Three Phase, 575? - 230Y/133V, 93kVA
Industrial Transformers
REC5-1215DRW/H6/A/CTRL REC5-1215DRW/H6/A/CTRL Image Match (552) Datasheet
2953 products
RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; DIP24; 6kV; Dual; 5W; ±15V; ±170mA; REC5-S_DRW(Z) Series
DC-DC Converters
2214250 2214250 Image Match (5) Datasheet
82 products
Lapp Group Lapp Olflex Tray II CY Cable, 14awg, 25C
Multiconductor Cables
CCK15F/90 CCK15F/90 Image Match (2) Datasheet
10 products
Vector Electronics & Technology Enclosure; CardCage; Rackmnt; Aluminum; Natural; 19x7x12 In; EIA; VectorPak Series
Subrack / Card Cage
CDBHD140L-G CDBHD140L-G Image Match (7) Comchip Technology CDBHD140L-G Schottky Diode Bridge Recifier 40V 4-Pin TO-269AA (MDS)
Rectifier & Schottky Diodes
no image available XTAE018C10T001 Eaton - Cutler Hammer DOL Starter,3 Pole,IEC,0.6-1A FLA,24VAC 50/60Hz Coil,1NO Aux Contact
Motor Starters
no image available M 2401-V0 Bopla EUROMAS Polycarbonate Enlosure M2401-V0
no image available 03202025105 Square D Circuit Breaker FHL36040
Equipment Circuit Breakers
BI7-Q08-AP6X2-1-PSG4M BI7-Q08-AP6X2-1-PSG4M Image Match (15) Turck ProXimity Sensor, 7mm Sensing DistanceNO, PNP, Flush Mount
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available M71X10G4L Panasonic INDUCTION MOTOR 10W 100V
AC Motors
Pushbutton Switches
no image available 004303613 Altech Fuse, NH1, aR, G, 80A, 1000VAC 200kA AC, For hMicroswitch MK
PIC24FJ32GA102T-I/SS PIC24FJ32GA102T-I/SS Image Match (3) Datasheet
24 products
Microchip Technology 16-bit; 16 MIPS; 32KB Flash; 8KB RAM; nanowatt XLP
no image available GTC06G14S-2P(125) Amphenol Industrial Connector; AS5015; Plug; GTC06G14S-2P(125)
B84143B150R110 B84143B150R110 Image Match (2) EPCOS AC Power Line Filters 150A 520/300V 3-LINE
5952-BK 5952-BK Datasheet
40 products
Anderson Power Products Contact PowerPole Loose Piece - Low Detent 75 A Silver 8 AWG 8.4 sq. mm
Rectangular Contacts
PIC24EP64MC202-E/MM PIC24EP64MC202-E/MM Image Match (2) Datasheet
1110 products
Microchip Technology 16 Bit MCU; 64KB Flash; 8KB RAM; 60 MHz; 28 Pin; MCPWM; QEI; 3 OpAmp; 4 Comp; PTG
no image available 4303-51R Norgren METAL BOWL + Q DRAIN (B/F74); OTHER EXCELON
Air Prep / Treatment Accessories
no image available NSYPLA1253 Schneider Electric Floor standing enclosure polyester versPLA completely sealed 1250x500x320 IP65
Cabinet & Rack
no image available MS3452W24-1B Datasheet
2409 products
Amphenol Aerospace Connector; 5015 series; size-24; box mount; Receptacle;
no image available 52SC6BFX302 Siemens KYD SEL SWITCH; MTD; 3POSBCAM; REM L
Selector Switches
X40R X40R Treston High back task chairred fabric with Syncro tilt-mechanism
no image available RM2S-ULDC24V Datasheet
4 products
IDEC Relay, General Purpose, DPDT, 5A, Wide Footprint, 24VDC, Solder/Plug-In
Power Relays
no image available BCP5516TA Datasheet
5 products
Diodes Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 1A 4Pin SOT223
Bipolar Transistors
09731646947 09731646947 Image Match (7) Harting Connectors, DIN 41612, DIN-SIGNAL R064MW-13,0C1-2-P5AU
Backplane Connectors
no image available KPT01A10-6SA71 Datasheet
4 products
ITT Cannon Circular Connector Metal Commercial Socket Receptacle KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
RSCG121260G RSCG121260G Image Match (26) Wiegmann Reversible Screw-Cover Gutter; NEMA 3R; Galvanized 12X12X60
Electrical Enclosures
no image available DH02-12S-3P-113 TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch DH02-12S-3P-113HermRecp
Standard Circular Connectors
1618260 1618260 Image Match (5) Datasheet
6 products
RS Pro by Allied Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply I/P:90 to 264V ac O/P:24V dc 124.8W 5.2A
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
2291587 2291587 Phoenix Contact Terminal block interface module; Male; Latches; 50 positions; 60V; 1A; 12-24 AWG
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available 19221-0412 Molex 19221-0412
no image available DCTG0060BPT011T PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transducer; gauge press; 0-60 PSI; SS; 1/
no image available 34137A Keysight Technologies Deluxe test lead set for 3458A
Cable Assembly Kits / Sets
1412647 1412647 Image Match (4) Phoenix Contact Connector housing; Hood Coupling; Bottom Entry; B16; Locking Clip (1) on Hood Top
Rectangular Connector Hoods
MDD02M-09 MDD02M-09 Image Match (12) MEAN WELL DC-DC Converter; SIP Package; 2 W; I/P:12VDC; O/P:± 9V@±111mA; SIP
Converter (DC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available 831FD0015BLSBE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/4NPTM; dif press; 0-15PSID
no image available 7622 070 06 Jaeger Connecteurs MINIATURE PLUG HD 7 WAYS FEMALE
no image available 831HV0015BHSAE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; vac press; 0PSIG-30
Pneumatic Regulators
no image available RSCV RKCV 490-750M Turck Cordset; RSCV RKCV 490-750M; U-02380
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 2210-T220-K0F2-H231-3A E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control Circuit Breaker Toggle Therm-Mag Fast-Acting Aux Contacts Screw 2P 277/480VAC 3A
Equipment Circuit Breakers
UCS2C220MPD UCS2C220MPD Image Match (47) Datasheet
48 products
Nichicon 22uF 160 V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor; CS Series 8000h 10 (Dia.) x 20mm
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
no image available R433013103 AVENTICS HEXAGON NUT 1-14 UNF-2B
no image available LW7GLM1C52Y IDEC 25mm sq Pushbutton Illuminated
no image available MKP385610063JYM5T0 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKP385 10?F ?5% 630Vdc Pitch52; 5
Film Capacitors
no image available 3RA21204ED270AP6 Siemens STARTER DOL FB S0 27-32A 24VDC SCREW
Motor Starters
no image available 1463383-1 Te Connectivity Tooling; Daht
no image available V1D1BN0C-ABB00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available KPT07E18-30P Datasheet
5 products
ITT Cannon Circular Connector Metal Commercial KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
HR52503000001 HR52503000001 Image Match (433) Datasheet
433 products
Dynapar Encoder, Shafted, Incremental, Optical, Size 25, IP66, 3/8" SFT 5-26V 7P SD MT
EASY512-DC-TC EASY512-DC-TC Eaton - Cutler Hammer Easy 500 Logic Module With Display, 8xInput, 4xOutput, 24 V dc Supply Voltage
Smart Relays
no image available BFC247059393 Datasheet
544 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 39nF ?5% 400Vdc Pitch 5mm
Film Capacitors
no image available 671RZ063767 Marathon Special Products Terminal Block; Dbl Rw C bck; Sems Pressure; 6P; 30A; 300V; ext th LW
Terminal Block Connectors
DM-2007-LCD DM-2007-LCD Image Match (10) Datasheet
10 products
Dwyer Instruments DM-2007-LCD 5 IN
Pressure / Vacuum Switches
FLIR E50BX MSX FLIR E50BX MSX Image Match (6) Datasheet
3 products
Flir Commercial Systems - FLIR Thermal Camera; MSX; 240 x 180
Thermal Imagers
no image available GTC06-18-26P Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; AS5015; RECEPTACLE; GTC06-18-26P
no image available AB8QBK1Y IDEC Cap
1736111 1736111 Image Match (45) Phoenix Contact Pluggable Header 5mm 12AWG 320V 12A 2 Position Combicon Control Series
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available 3R7F0 GEMS Sensors Probe; Metallic Rod; General Purpose; Hastelloy C; 7ft; Warrick Series 3R
Liquid Level Sensors
3RV21314BA10 3RV21314BA10 Image Match (8) Siemens Circuit Breaker for Motors S2 Class 10 14-20A Screw Auto Reset 3RV2 Series
Manual Motor Starters
no image available 800-90-048-62-001000 Mill-Max STANDARD SOCKET HEADER; 48 Pins; Tin/Lead (93/7) over Nickel
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
521614 521614 RS Pro by Allied Plain Stainless Steel Pan Self-Tapping Screw No. 8x1/2in
Fasteners & Hardware
09140083101 09140083101 Harting Rectangular Socket Insert, 8 Pos, 12-26AWG, Crimp, 600V, 16A, Han-Modular Series
Rectangular Connector Inserts
no image available DVIDSMM15 Startech DVI Cable - 15 ft - Single Link - Male to Male Cable - 1920x1200 - DVI-D Cable
Digital (DVI, HDMI) Cables
T6615-F T6615-F Image Match (7) Datasheet
10 products
Amphenol Advanced Sensors Sensors, Air Quality, Carbon Dioxide Mod CO2 DC FLTH 0-2Kppm
Air Quality Sensors
no image available LCCA30333-FT1.5 L-com Cable Assembly; Low Loss N Female Bulkhead to TNC Male; 1.5 FT; LF Solder
no image available A0407000 Belden MDVO Insert; 1-Port; F Coaxial Video Module; Almond
182U24 182U24 Datasheet
60 products
Hammond Manufacturing Transformer; Power; Toroidal; 1; Freq 50/60Hz; Pri 117/234VAC; Sec 24/48VAC
Industrial Transformers
no image available DCTG0200BDA021 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter/Transducer; 200PSI11-30VDC IN 4-20MA out 1/4NPT DIN
no image available SCS-2540-2-1700 05000C Omron Safety (Sti) SCS-2540-2-1700 05000C
Safety Controllers
no image available 10250T711G Eaton - Cutler Hammer Pushbutton; Mushr.; NEMA; TI DIV2; Flush Mnt; 2NO-2NC; Non Illum; Green
Pushbutton Switches
no image available V62C511A-A313JA Norgren VALVE; DIRECT SOLENOID; G3/8; 5/2; SOL/SOL; 24VDC; 22MM; V62 SERIES
Solenoid Valves
2907955 2907955 Phoenix Contact Energy meter, DIN-mount w/o display, Modbus TCP, REST API, Rogowski input
Digital Power & Energy Meters
ILS2E853TB1F0 ILS2E853TB1F0 Image Match (159) Schneider Electric Integrated Drive 3-Phase Stepper Motor 24-48V EtherCAT brk
Stepper Motors
LS7-302SFBWH-RYGNN+FB207 LS7-302SFBWH-RYGNN+FB207 Patlite Light Tower; 70mm; LED; 24VDC; Continuous Light; Direct Mount; Flying Lead
Light Towers
209-1-1-65F-3-9-70 209-1-1-65F-3-9-70 Image Match (2161) Datasheet
3210 products
Sensata - Airpax Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker, Panel Mount, 70A, 1 Pole, 209 Series
no image available A055B2D0R0-600E Mersen Fuse, Transformer Protection, 5.0kV, E-Rated, Indicating, Bolt-In, 50kA, 600E A
no image available 8941054424 AVENTICS Connector; Round Plug; 90; CON-RD-FA-M12-4-SCREW
no image available LA364001121 Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 600V 400A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
2905760 2905760 Phoenix Contact Fixing bracket
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available 599JJ202108 Datasheet
212 products
Marathon Special Products Terminal Block; Open Back; 8P; 15A; 300V AC/DC; Solder Pin (Slotted Screw)
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available GTC06A-22-7P Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; AS5015; PLUG; GTC06A-22-7P
NHD-0216SZW-BB5 NHD-0216SZW-BB5 Newhaven Display International OLED Display,2x16 Characters,8.9mm Character Height,160x128 Pixels,Blue
OLED Displays
ECA-1JM101 ECA-1JM101 Image Match (180) Datasheet
212 products
Panasonic Capacitor,Alum Electrolytic,Cap 100 uF,Tol 20%,Vol-Rtg 63 VDC,Radial,8x11.5,Bulk
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
no image available VZWD-L-M22C-M-N18-60-V-2AP4-4-R1 Festo Valve; media; SS; FPM seal; 110VAC solenoid; 1/8NPT female; 4 bar; 2/2 NC
Solenoid Valves
no image available RNC65H9091BRB1465 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-65-65 9.09K.1%T-2 RNC65H9091BR B14
Film Resistors
no image available PSB-0017 Edwards Signaling 17-60V DC. 0.005 A. Red; shallow
Field Meters & Test Kits
XTAR007B21U3EP05 XTAR007B21U3EP05 Image Match (720) Eaton - Cutler Hammer DOL Reversing Starter,3 Pole,IEC,0.1-0.5A FLA,24VAC 50Hz Coil,4NO,2NC Aux
Motor Starters
LWRPM 6100 LWRPM 6100 Image Match (32) Datasheet
215 products
EWELLIX (Formerly SKF Motion) Precision rail guide; with dry sliding liner; 100mm L; LWRPM 6100
Rail Guide
RK-0505S/H6 RK-0505S/H6 RECOM Power DC-DC Converter; SIP7; 6.4kV unreg; Single Output; 1W; 5V Out; RK/H6 Series
no image available 50BS20 1 1/2 Datasheet
3663 products
Martin Sprocket & Gear Sprocket, Bored to Size, 1 1/2" Bore, 50 Chain, 5/8" Pitch, 20 Teeth, Steel
no image available D38999/26FE35AB Souriau Connector,plug,Nickelplating,w/o,malecontacts,Sz-17
no image available VHER-H-B43E-B-G18 Festo Valve; Hand Lever; 4/3; detent; mid posit op; G1/8 female
Mechanical Valves
no image available LB1S3LT3 IDEC LB 16mm Selector SW 3PDT
no image available GTND-100-015 Fabco-Air Cylinder; air; compact; magnet; guided toolplate; 100mm bore; NPT; Global Series
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available HFW1130K07 Te Connectivity TE; A&D High Performance Group; Relay; HFW1130K07 = M39016/6-204L
no image available C1036H-CE1W2 Norgren VALVE; SOLENOID; 2/2 NC; 1"NPT; 24VDC; PROSPECTOR; EXT PILOT
Solenoid Valves
FAL14100 FAL14100 Square D Molded Case Circuit Breakers 1P 100A Thermal Magnetic 125VDC/277VAC FA Series
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Contactor Timers
no image available SQF-321X5-MR Fabco-Air Square Series, 2" Bore
1912155 1912155 Image Match (16) Phoenix Contact PCB Plug Screw 5mm 12AWG 320V 16A 10 Position COMBICON MSTB Series
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available 1SNA115262R2100 Te Connectivity M6/12.FF TERMINAL,Entrelec
Terminal Block Connectors
Linear Bearing
ERM 1-445 ERM 1-445 Image Match (212) Datasheet
273 products
Bivar LED Mount,Self Retaining,Vertical,0.445in.,3 Lead,Rectangular,Extruded PVC,Black
LED Mounting Hardware
no image available MS 3106M-14S-2S-538-2-14S-2S Turck MS 3106M-14S-2S-538-2-14S-2S; U-85549
Industrial Cable Assemblies
IA6-12GM35-U-V1 IA6-12GM35-U-V1 Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation ProXimity Sensor, Other, 123389
Inductive Proximity Sensors
SHC1008ZP SHC1008ZP Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Cordcon; Str Ml;.13-.19"; 3/8"; Stl
D38999/23YH35PD D38999/23YH35PD Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23YH35PDHermeticDTS24Y
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available DIPBXPT424BBX04SSXC00030 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/2NPTM; comp pre
C1206X104K1RACTU C1206X104K1RACTU Image Match (6879) Datasheet
150 products
KEMET Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 0.1uF; Tol+10%; SMT; Flexible Termination; 100V; TR
Ceramic Capacitors
TSCDJJN001PDUCV TSCDJJN001PDUCV Image Match (4) Datasheet
23 products
Honeywell Sens; Unamp; Comp; TSC; DIP; Dual Radial Lrg Diam; Dry gases; ±1 psi; Diff
Pressure Sensors
0031.3555 0031.3555 Image Match (2) Datasheet
6 products
Schurter FAB Series Slotted Cap Inline Fuse Holder; IP40
Fuse Holders
678D227M016CC3DE3 678D227M016CC3DE3 Image Match (3) Vishay Specialty Capacitors 220uF 16 V Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor; 678D Series 3000h 10 x 13mm
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
EXCGM20S EXCGM20S Image Match (12) ABB Thomas & Betts Single Compresion Cable Gland; M20 Metric Thread; Nylon; Black
E2B-M30KS15-WP-B2 2M E2B-M30KS15-WP-B2 2M Image Match (113) Datasheet
163 products
Omron Automation ProXimity Sensor; Sense 15mm; Brass; M30 Short PW 2M PNP NC
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available 5430658 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Header 3.5mm 16AWG 160V 8A 6 Position
Terminal Block Connectors
09185207906 09185207906 Image Match (86) Harting Headers, SEK-18 SV ML STD ANGWW RLG 20P PL3
no image available 1980410XSPTD2S35L Datasheet
2341 products
no image available LA9F15076 Schneider Electric TeSys F - set of connections - 3P - reversing
no image available GA38 Datasheet
945 products
Boston Gear (Altra) Change Gear; 14.5* pressure angle; 20 DP; 38 teeth;.4375" bushing bore
Gears, Gear Reducers, & Gearmotors
HS20100061125 HS20100061125 Image Match (922) Datasheet
923 products
DFS60I-S1PK65536 DFS60I-S1PK65536 Image Match (2) Datasheet
24 products
SICK Inox Stainless Steel Programmable Encoder; 1 to 65536 ppr; HTL or TTL; 1.5 m cable
OF334JE OF334JE Image Match (29) Datasheet
388 products
Ohmite Resistor; Carbon Composition; Res 330 Kilohms; Pwr-Rtg 0.5 W; Tol 5%; Axial
1730085 1730085 Image Match (13) RS Pro by Allied Toroidal Transformer 15VA 2 Output 115VAC, 230VAC Primary 2 x 9VAC Secondary UL
Industrial Transformers
no image available MD1-B-30-610-1-A32-7-E Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker; M-Series; Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available LB3K3SA6H IDEC LB Operator Key Selector SW
no image available Q5-3XM-2-01-QB48IN-5 Qualtek Electronics Tubing; Heat Shrink; Dual Wall; Adhesive Lined; (3:1); Blk; ID 2
Heat Shrink Tubing
DP1N622420MT DP1N622420MT Image Match (15) Datasheet
27 products
Hoffman 120v 62in 24out; 20A Mtr Tlock Black; 62in length; Steel
Power Strip
RSMWV 4-594/2 M RSMWV 4-594/2 M Image Match (6) Datasheet
12 products
Lumberg Automation / Hirschmann CORDSET; M8 MALE RIGHT ANGLE; 4 POLE; 2METER; PVC; YELLOW; 11163
Industrial Cable Assemblies
222238603185 222238603185 Image Match (340) Datasheet
680 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor,Film,1800 nF,5%,850 VDC,Pitch 27.5 mm,Vertical Mount
Film Capacitors
no image available CW4L-M1E01QHR IDEC Pushbutton; CW Series; Metal Bezel; Flush; Illum; 1NC; Mom; 120VAC; Red
Pushbutton Switches
9424 010100 9424 010100 Image Match (3) Datasheet
2 products
Belden Multiconductor Cable, 9C, 16AWG, 65x34, BC, EPDM ins, Black Rubber jkt, SO

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