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no image available 831HA0030BHSAC PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; abs press; 0-30PSI;
no image available 5763860220 AVENTICS VALVE; CD01 - 5/3EC - 024DC
3RA28312DG10 3RA28312DG10 Image Match (2) Siemens TIMING RELAY MOD SS 24-90VUC 100S SPRING
Contactor Timers
no image available CKM 19-11-25 Datasheet
158 products
Turck CKM 19-11-25; U4705-52
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 3LD22640TB530 Siemens DISC SW 32A N4X SCW ROT HDL R/Y 3P
no image available 0820023994 AVENTICS VALVE; SOLENOID-OPERATED 5/2 RA14 NO COIL
no image available Y1485V0001AT9R Vishay Dale DSM; 100MW; 0.05%; 10K/10K
no image available D-721-XDR-BFR-P14 Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 3" Bore
MPA-359THTU0 MPA-359THTU0 Image Match (16) Datasheet
41 products
SICK Sensor; Magnetic Cylinder; 359 mm Range; 15-30 VDC; 2 mT; Cable; 1.15 ms; Aluminum
Magnetic Field Sensors
no image available 7521612-1000 SAB S960 oil resistant continuous flex PVC control cable 16/12c UL CSA CE small BR
no image available 82524002 Crouzet Motor; Motor 82520 250rpm+Gearbox Ovoide- 220-230V 50Hz - ratio 25/2
AC Gearmotors
no image available 60011-002 Sensata - BEI Sensors Broadcasters; BX-5-DB/V-DB/V-DB/V-DB/V
Encoder Accessories
IME30-15BDSZY2S IME30-15BDSZY2S Image Match (7) Datasheet
346 products
SICK ProXimity Sensor,12.15mm Range,M30 X 1.5,NO,Cable, 2-Wire, 2 m
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available 0820037202 AVENTICS VALVE; CD02-3/2CC-024DC
no image available CL-100CF1 Abb Indicator Pilot Light Compact Integrated LED 120 VAC/VDC 30mm Clear
PCB Mount Indicators
no image available XW2B-E Omron Electronic Components Connector (Unit; End)
no image available CL06A300M7 Datasheet
82 products
Industrial Connections & Solutions GE Contactor,IEC,3 Pole,50A,240VAC@60Hz/240VAC@50Hz Coil,DIN Rail Mount
no image available 504201_R Adaptive Interconnect Electronics Plunger Clip; 1.75" Length; Red
no image available CKSFDF 12-7-986-90 Turck CKSFDF 12-7-986-90; U-68152
Industrial Cable Assemblies
C0603X102J4JACAUTO C0603X102J4JACAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
1806 products
KEMET Cap Cer 0603 1nF 16V U2J±5% AUTO
Ceramic Capacitors
REG96PUN2RHU REG96PUN2RHU Image Match (11) Schneider Electric Temp Controller, 2 Emergency, 3 Alarm, Modbus, 100/240 VAC, Zelio REG Series
no image available MX-121-X-E-PM Fabco-Air Original Pancake, 1-1/8" Bore
LPS-RK-200SP LPS-RK-200SP Bussmann by Eaton Fuse Slow Blow Class RK1 200A 600V
ERA3APB3242V ERA3APB3242V Image Match (99) Datasheet
200 products
Panasonic ERA Series Thin Film Smnt Resistor 0603Case 32.4kOhm ±0.1% 0.1W ±15ppm/degC
Film Resistors
no image available 598-8440-20-7CF Datasheet
4 products
Dialight SM LED 0606 Y/YG CATH 7 REEL Discretes
no image available V1D2GNNB-FA9C00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available 2GM51-CJ-D-3B-B-XRD1 Carling Technologies Toggle Switch; General Purpose; G Series
Toggle Switches
no image available HKS 4800-313-10 Turck HKS 4800-313-10; U-65547
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available WSL2512R0300DEA Vishay Dale Current Sense; Resistor; WSL-2512.03.5%EAe3
Current Sense Resistors
45-2P03.1E10.000 45-2P03.1E10.000 Image Match (6) EAO Potentiometer,Blk Plastic Knob,Rnd,30mm,Blk Plastic Housing,1 kOhm Linear,0.5W
no image available 222238374132 Datasheet
1623 products
BC Components / Vishay Capacitor,Film,MMKP Radial Potted,1.3nF,2500 VDC,Pitch 22.5mm,±5%TOL,Reel
Film Capacitors
no image available 8LT7ALLB6 Lovato Electric LED Bulb; BA15D Fitting; Blue; 24VAC/DC
0136-A 0136-A Image Match (8) Datasheet
8 products
Davies Molding 1" Thermoset Rubber Ball Knob 5/16-18 Brass Insert
no image available V8B3S00B-AZB00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
DC12.4102.101 DC12.4102.101 Image Match (109) Datasheet
115 products
Schurter Male C14 IEC Filter Snap-In; Rated At 6A; 250 V ac
Power Entry Module (PEM)
REFK1904924CG1 REFK1904924CG1 Image Match (5) Datasheet
37 products
Hammond Manufacturing Cabinet Rack, 18.35 in., 54.19 in., 21.34 in., 24.5 in., 16 ga. Steel
no image available HDL36060CU31XMO Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 600V 60A
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available RSC RKC 578-1.5M Turck Cordset, RSC RKC 578-1.5M, U0335-365
Industrial Cable Assemblies
BCC05AH BCC05AH Image Match (15) Balluff BCC - Connectivity Products; BCC M324-M314-30-606-PX44T2-010
Industrial Cable Assemblies
1757824-4 1757824-4 Te Connectivity AMPLIMITE 90 Series Series Straight Military Crimp D-Sub Conn; Socket; 62 Way
D-Sub Connectors
no image available 244550 GEMS Sensors Level Sensor; SS; Capacitive; 1/2-14NPT; Wet Sink; Cable; CAP-300 Series
Liquid Level Sensors
no image available M2042BB1W01 Datasheet
1621 products
NKK Switches Switch,Mini,Toggle,4PDT,ON-NONE-ON,.453" Bat Actuator,No Cap,6A,125VAC,Solder
Toggle Switches
TM241CEC24T TM241CEC24T Image Match (2) Schneider Electric Controller, Logic, 24IO, Transistor PNP, Ethernet, CAN Master, Modicon M241
no image available 6FC54-73-XLI1 Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; SP; General Purpose; F Series
Toggle Switches
no image available 8497K7 Safran Electrical & Power Accessory; Switch Guard; Phenolic; Red; Fits 2 Pos. Toggles; OHM; ON-OFF; Hinged End
MRA0207165RBTA015 MRA0207165RBTA015 Image Match (108) Datasheet
248 products
ARCOL MRA0207 Series Axial Metal Film Resistor 165Ohms ±0.1% 0.25W ±15ppm/degC
no image available SSM03711500PCN Te Connectivity TE; A&D Connectors; Relay; SSM03711500PCN = SOLDER CUP
no image available GSB4211311WEU Amphenol ICC Connector; USB 3.1 B TYPE R/A DIP
no image available 39074-12-12 Sensata - BEI Sensors Encoder Shaft Coupler, 3/8" to 3/8", Triple Beam, 2 #6-32 Set Screws
Encoder Accessories
208100 208100 RS Pro by Allied Panel Mount Indicator Yellow LED 0.31"(8mm)Hole 12 V/17mA Solder Tab
Panel Mount Indicators
no image available MS6-LRP-3/8-D5-A8 Festo Regulator; air pressure; G3/8 female;.1-4 bar; manual; A8 adapter; L to R
Pneumatic Regulators
34304 34304 Image Match (32) Datasheet
32 products
Anamet Electrical Anaconda Sealtite 3-1/2 EFST/UA GRAY 100' CTN
no image available BI2-EGT08K-AP6X-0.5-RS4T/S100/S1765 Turck ProXimity Sensor, 2mm Sensing DistanceNO, PNP, Flush Mount
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available 115-91-324-41-001000 Mill-Max STANDRD SOLDER TAIL DIP SOCKET; 24 Pins; Tin/Lead (93/7) over Nickel
IC Sockets, Plugs & Adapters
no image available BFC236617684 BC Components / Vishay Capacitor; Film; MKT 680nF ?5% 63VdcPitch 7; 5mm
Film Capacitors
no image available C516C6W Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems PS; C-Iec; Connector; 4P5W; 16A 200-415V; W/T
no image available R948141629 Radiall BDSR R SILI2.5 R 50CM BDSR R
no image available R302205001200 Radiall PIG MML H2 1.13/50S 200
RF Connectors
no image available 115909 Ametek Lamb Vacuum Motor; brushed; 5.7; 120V; Tan; 2stg
no image available 18631231 CML Innovative Technologies T16X35 BA15D 3LED 230V GN
Lamps (Light Bulbs)
D38999/23YF67CD D38999/23YF67CD Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23YF67CDHermeticDTS24Y
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 9001KS52FGH8 Schneider Electric SELECTOR SWITCH OPERATOR 30MM T-K
M2028TNW01 M2028TNW01 Datasheet
1283 products
NKK Switches Switch,Rocker,DPDT,(ON)-OFF-(ON),.272" Frame,No Actuator,6A,125VAC,Solder
Rocker Switches
no image available EA2532KA18-12.000M Ecliptek Crystals 12.000MHz ±15ppm 18pF ParallelResonant -20°C to +70°C
Crystal Oscillators
no image available CPV14-VI-P4-1/8-D Festo Multi-Pin; for CPV valve mfld
Replacement Parts/Accessories
09665526611 09665526611 Image Match (69) Harting Connectors, D-Sub, Standard, DSUB SV FEM SSDP ANG87-254 50P AU2
D-Sub Connectors
IM08-2N5NS-ZC1 IM08-2N5NS-ZC1 Image Match (49) SICK Inductive proximity sensor; 8 mm Barrel; DC Power
Inductive Proximity Sensors
N8946A N8946A Image Match (22) Datasheet
22 products
Keysight Technologies Autoranging System DC Power Supply; 200V; 140 A; 10000 W; 400 VAC
DC Power Supplies
A7P-M-1 A7P-M-1 Omron Electronic Components End Cap End Cap For Use w/7PH SER ThumbWheel Switch; A7PS SER ThumbWheel Switch
Thumbwheel, Pushwheel Accessories
no image available ECQ-E4153KF Datasheet
937 products
Panasonic Capacitor,Polyester Met,Cap 0.015 uF,Tol 10%,Vol-Rtg 400 VDC,Radial,Straight,BLK
Film Capacitors
1N4551 1N4551 Image Match (745) Datasheet
320 products
Solid State Manufacturing DO550 Watt Zener Diodes
Zener Diodes
no image available SOEG-E-M18W-NA-S-2L Festo Photoelectric Sensor; Receiver; M18 round; 90 deg beam; M12 4 pin; NPN
Photoelectric Sensors
36917 36917 Te Connectivity Terminal Ring Tongue 1/0AWG Stud Sz 3/8
Crimp Terminals
no image available CSB120GY Arrow Hart Switch Toggle SP 20A 120/277V B/Swire GY
Power Transfer Switches
no image available V211S00B-GZCCU-100 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available P9MEM6NN Industrial Connections & Solutions GE MUSH HD MOM PB; SATIN CHR; 60MM-BLK
no image available WSL2010R1700FEK Vishay Dale Current Sense; Resistor; WSL-2010.171%EKe3
Current Sense Resistors
no image available 831TA1000CHSAF PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; abs press; 0-1000PS
no image available DD3DXPT124BBX04SSXC00030 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/2NPTM; comp pre
no image available UA-7555M ICP OPC UA I/O Module with 8-ch DI, 8-ch DOand 2-port Ethernet Switch
KSW26W-0100 KSW26W-0100 Image Match (8) Datasheet
10 products
Wire Wrap
no image available 107590-108 Te Connectivity TE; A&D Connectors; Circular Connectors; SHL PLUG ASSY
BTN-3068 BTN-3068 Dantona Industries Button Bumpers
no image available UTG12AD Souriau Souriau Backshell
ER-205TMC ER-205TMC Datasheet
32 products
Sealmaster Insert Ball Bearing; GOLD METRIC SKWEZ; 701432
Mounted Bearings, Bearing Housings & Inserts
no image available HIX-1" RED CUT TO 6.00" +.062 /-.00 Ico-Rally Heat shrink tubing 1" x 6" Red
Heat Shrink Tubing
1620258 1620258 Image Match (16) Phoenix Contact Cable Connector; 7-position; angled locking M23; CA-07S1N12T007
RF Connectors
1419167 1419167 Phoenix Contact Cable Assembly; Sercos III shielded; 4-postion; M12; RJ45; VS-FSDBPS-IP20-93K-LI/2 0
Industrial Cable Assemblies
305CRV 305CRV Park Power 30A 125V Female Locking Connector
no image available FP-301-3-CLEAR-4'-BOX Datasheet
484 products
3M Tubing; Heat Shrink; Flame Retardant; Clear Polyolefin; 48" L; 2:1 Shrink Ratio
4300.0705 4300.0705 Image Match (2) Datasheet
4 products
Schurter Line Outlet 1-15R 125VAC 15A Frnt PanelMt-Snap Solder Term. Thrmoplstc PC2 IP20
Electrical Connectors
no image available 156-01881 Hellermanntyton LOC Locking Clamp; 15-19 mm; to MOC Clip; 8 mm; PA66HIRHSUV; Black
no image available MF60151V3-B00U-A99 Sunon Fans Fan; Blower; DC; 12V; 3.9CFM; 40A; 0.48W; 3400RPM; 28.8dBA; VAPO; 60X60X15mm; AutoRestart
1707104 1707104 Image Match (56) Phoenix Contact Pluggable Header 3.81mm 16AWG 160V 8A 12 Position Combicon Control Series
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available 70107-0018 Molex SL WtW Conn SR WO/MtgE Opt A 19Ckt
no image available 4256105 Altech Fuse, HV, VVTD, 292mm, 6A, 10/24kV, d=53, striker 80N
no image available DIPCXPT522BBX04SSXG00015 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/2NPTM; gage pre
no image available PE000SL6C Te Connectivity Filter; PE000SL6C=C7004
no image available CLMC5C120 Datasheet
23 products
Siemens COIL; 30A CLM; 5 POLE; 120V AC
Contactor Accessories
no image available 961-DS/02 WECO Screw Connectors for Printed Circuit Boards
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available ADC-05BFFM-LL7A01 Amphenol LTW Technology Connector; CircularLARGE STAMPING PINCABLE LOCK 5PIN F CONN F PIN
Standard Circular Connectors
ERA-3AEB682V ERA-3AEB682V Image Match (126) Datasheet
449 products
Panasonic Resistor,Metal Film,Res 6.8 Kilohms,Pwr-Rtg 0.1 W,Tol 0.1%,SMT,0603,Cut Tape
Film Resistors
no image available PDF33K0400P3WL Eaton - Cutler Hammer PDF3; Three Pole; 400A; 50KA/480V; PXR25 LSIG
SBCHE1115RJ SBCHE1115RJ Image Match (23) Datasheet
207 products
Te Connectivity Resistor,Wirewound,Res 115 Ohms,Pwr-Rtg 1 W,Tol 5%,Radial,Ceramic Housed
Wirewound Resistors
XRC4-LWS01 XRC4-LWS01 Image Match (3) Essentra Components Metal Rail Locking Wire Saddle; QuarterTurn
Cable Clamps & Clips
no image available 5204-0018-20 Datasheet
527 products
Leader Tech / FerriShield Ag/Al Filled Silicone Flange Mount Connector Gasket; Shell Size 18; 18S
EMI Absorbers and Shielding
no image available P3830-MPA Datasheet
9 products
Fluke Deadweight Tester, Hydraulic, High Pressure, 4 to 200 Mpa
0800438 0800438 Phoenix Contact Label; Blank; 3.05"X0.5" Yllw; Polyester; Yellow; 3.05" Lx0.50" W; 77.5mmx12.7mm;
Write-on Markers, Tags & Accys
CML720I-R10-140.A/CN-M12-EX CML720I-R10-140.A/CN-M12-EX Image Match (24) Leuze Light curtain receiver; 140mm; Beam spacing 10mm; CANopen; IO-Link
Photoelectric Sensors
no image available 4186429 Altech Fuse, NH3, aM, M, 400A, 690VAC, KOMBI
CPA250-4530G CPA250-4530G Bel Power Solutions PowerSupply,AC-DC,3.3V@20A,5V@20A,12V@2.5A,-12V@0.5A,90-264V In,CompactPCI
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
444885 444885 Datasheet
2 products
RS Pro by Allied 1.3125in Dia. Diecast Zinc Die Stock 270 mm
Threading Tools
no image available CP9-1009 Abb CP PB FLSH RED 1-1 MARKED STOP
Pushbutton Switch Accessories
no image available DD3DXPT222BBX04SSXS01000 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/2NPTM; static p
no image available HR30-7J-12P(71) Hirose Electric 12W MALE JACK-SOLDER
no image available TRI 15-2411 Datasheet
18 products
TRACO Power Converter, DC-DC, Encapsulated, 2:1 Input, 15W, 5.1V@3000mA, 18-36V In, TRI 15
Converter (DC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available R480610981 AVENTICS PRA-DA-050-0300-0-2-2-1-1-3-ACC
no image available 9767070-0007 Datasheet
1194 products
Wika Instruments Pressure gauge; analog; lower mount; 213.53 2.5 160PSI 1/4 L DP
Pressure Gauges & Vacuum Gauges
160860-4 160860-4 Te Connectivity FASTIN-FASTON.250 Series Crimp Receptacle; 6.35x0.81mm; 20 to 17 AWG; Tin Plated
Crimp Terminals
no image available A22R-FB-10A Omron Automation LPB; FLAT; BLACK; ASSEMBLED
no image available 14-2132 NTE Electronics High-Low Voltage Rubber Insulating Tape; W/Line Blk; 1 In X 30 Ft; Plymouth Tap
no image available BI2-EG12F-AG6X-0.3-RS4.23T Turck ProXimity Sensor; 2mm Sensing DistanceNO; 2wire DC; Flush Mount
Inductive Proximity Sensors
DGSL-25-200-PA DGSL-25-200-PA Image Match (6) Festo Slide; mini; DGSL-25-200-PA
Pneumatic Actuators
9236908-I 9236908-I Image Match (6) 3M IC TEST CLIP 8 WAYS
021701.6MXP 021701.6MXP Datasheet
45 products
Littelfuse Quick acting F LBC min fuse, 1.6A 5x20mm
RTHB5060 RTHB5060 Image Match (10) Datasheet
10 products
TDK-Lambda Power Supply 500V (AC DC)Filter 500VAC 60A Screw Terminations
ERA-3AEB334V ERA-3AEB334V Image Match (126) Datasheet
449 products
Panasonic Resistor,Metal Film,Res 330 Kilohms,Pwr-Rtg 0.1 W,Tol 0.1%,SMT,0603,Tape & Reel
Film Resistors
no image available IMC1210ER2R2J Datasheet
510 products
Vishay Dale Inductor; IMC-1210 2.2 5% ER E3
no image available E2Q5-N20E1-M1 Omron Automation Sq. SH NPN NO 20mm M12-Cn; AB168624D; E2Q5-N20E1-M1
BOS01MW BOS01MW Image Match (3) Balluff Sensor; Photoelectric Retroreflective; 8x8; Laser; PNP; DO; 1m; LO; M8 Cable
Photoelectric Sensors
GG161 GG161 Image Match (11) Burndy 1 BRAID TO 1 1/4 IPS; High Copper Alloy Ground Connector; One-Wrench Installation
Desoldering Braid / Wick
no image available ACA3106F14S-5SB(F80)(A232 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Plug Straight; SZ-14S
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
HW4L-M1F20QD-Y-24V HW4L-M1F20QD-Y-24V Image Match (95) Datasheet
1008 products
IDEC Pushbutton; HW Series; Metal Bzl; Flush; Illum; LED; 2NO; Mom; Yel; 24VDC
Pushbutton Switches
LSC252015EMC LSC252015EMC Image Match (10) Datasheet
10 products
Hoffman EMC Encl. 250x200x150mm LtGray; 250x200x150mm; Steel
Electrical Enclosures
no image available HS35R100044L1 Datasheet
3202 products
Dynapar Encoder,Heavy Duty,Hollow Shaft,400g Shock20g Vib,3/8 BC TET W/C DIF 5-26V 7P CN
656-3303-303F 656-3303-303F Image Match (18) Datasheet
80 products
Dialight Indicator Panel Mount 1/2" Yellow Dome Lens 12VDC Wire Leads
Panel Mount Indicators
RF Connectors
10EHZ1 10EHZ1 Image Match (6) Te Connectivity Filter High Performance Pwr Line 10A 50/60Hz 250 VAC 1-.250 spade Terminals
no image available 75785 Datasheet
6 products
Streamlight Stinger HPL - 120V AC/12V DC Fast Charge(NiMH)
Flashlights & Work Lamps
no image available 4223 Heyco Shorty Cable Holder,.12"x.33"Wire Capacity,.44"H, Natural
Cable Clamps & Clips
HBL7570 HBL7570 Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems 2P3W, 15A, 125V, ML-2P, Angled Body, Nylon Cover, Phenolic Body, Black
Electrical Connectors
XA1E-BV4U01T-R XA1E-BV4U01T-R Image Match (3) Datasheet
13 products
IDEC E-Stop; Switch; Unibody; 16mm; 1Nc 40mmRed Mushroom; Solder/Tab #110 Terminals
Emergency Stop Push Buttons
no image available V8D1K66C-00000-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available W27B20001-AZZ00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; DP; Sealed; W-Series
Rocker Switches
D38999/23HJ61PE D38999/23HJ61PE Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23HJ61PEHermeticDTS24H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available A00220607 Eaton Electronics A0 SERIES 06 POLE
101C183M7R5AA2B 101C183M7R5AA2B Image Match (195) Datasheet
200 products
Cornell-Dubilier Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic, Screw Terminal 18000uF 7.5V 20% tol
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
no image available 5324 410 06 Jaeger Connecteurs CABLE PLG SEALED 1+2+0W
no image available 1980R1211L2SPX Datasheet
2341 products
4435.0596 4435.0596 Image Match (110) Datasheet
175 products
Schurter CBE TA35-C2F3FJ02C0
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available 831TD0006CLMBF PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTF; dif press; 0-6PSID;
6719211 6719211 RS Pro by Allied Neoprene Disc Mounting Kits For Use With toroidal transformer
Transformer Parts & Accessories
no image available 831HC3000BLMBD PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; comp press; 30"HGVA

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