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2723 2723 Image Match (20) Datasheet
20 products
Heyco Heyco Dome Plug; 1.093-1.125" Mounting Hole Dia.; Black
Hole Plugs
no image available HF 1/4HZ5FT1/4X1/2SAEANG White-Rodgers HF Series Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Expansion Valves
7243841 7243841 RS Pro by Allied Spring Balance 5 g Resolution Metric Scale 100g Range Calibrated
Measuring Tools
no image available E5AC-CQ4D5M-000 Omron Automation 1/4DIN TC Current/Voltage DC, E5ACCQ4D5M000
28150 28150 Image Match (6) Datasheet
649 products
Wiha Tools Drive-Loc VI Hex MM Blade 3.0and4.0
Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
no image available NVPM20-60M-S05A00 Norgren Vacuum Pump; modular; 20Hg NST4; G; MID series
Vacuum Generators / Ejectors
no image available DICBXPT322BBX01SSXC00200 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/4NPTM; comp pre
no image available 501774CPR_RTL Adaptive Interconnect Electronics Miniature Plier-Type Solid Copper Clips; 75 AMP. 2 Clipsw/2 Red; 2 Blk Insulators
no image available SML-LXLC1206SUGCTR Lumex 1.6x3.2mm SMT LED W/LENS 574nm GRN WTR CLR LNS
no image available 12-FFB-15151-24VDC Fabco-Air Solenoid Valve, Directional Control, 1/2 NPT, 4 Way, 24 VDC, 12 Series
Solenoid Valves
2-1472973-6 2-1472973-6 Image Match (534) Te Connectivity Relay; 7012Mill=Std; On; 2P; 28Vdc; Ll Option
no image available KXTASORG Abb Shunt Trip for the XT1 23 & 4 Breakers Uncabled Version SOR 480-525VAC
no image available RKCV 4.4T-1.5-RSCV 4.4T Datasheet
2943 products
Turck Cordset, RKCV 4.4T-1.5-RSCV 4.4T, U-05813
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available NBPD0160A American Power Conversion (APC) NetBotz Camera Pod 160
no image available 19222351 CML Innovative Technologies LED-ANZ.10MM 24VDC Green BLINK
23120068 23120068 Image Match (4) Werma Beacon; LED; Permanent; EM 230VAC GN
4303.2737.01 4303.2737.01 Image Match (3) Datasheet
3 products
Schurter KEC/KD FUSE DRAWER 2P 10A 100/120/220/24
IME18-08BNSZC0K IME18-08BNSZC0K Image Match (4) Datasheet
346 products
SICK ProXimity Sensor,6.48mm Range,M18 X 1,NPN,NO,M12, 4-Pin Male
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available DSBF-C-125-80-PPSA-N3-R Festo Cylinder; air; ISO 15552; clean; 125x80mm stroke; self adj cush; sensor ready
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available MKP385322016JC02W0 BC Components / Vishay Capactor; Film; MKP385 0; 022?F ?5% 160VdcPitch7; 5
Film Capacitors
no image available 6-104666-0 Te Connectivity Connector; AMPMODU; 24 System 50 Vert Shrd Hdr Sn
no image available EC3645ETTTS-12.000M TR Ecliptek Standard Clock Oscillator 12.000MHz SMD3.2mm x 5.0mm 50ppm -40°C to +85°C
Crystal Oscillators
4482FM 4482FM Ebm-Papst DC Fan, 12V, 120x120x25mm, 82.4CFM, 3.2W, 38dBA, Terminals
no image available STD03W-W Te Connectivity Raychem; Wire Identification STD03W-W; 026896-000
Wire Marker Clip-ons
15KP30A 15KP30A Image Match (24) Solid State Manufacturing 15KW TVS UNIDIRECTIONAL
TVS Diodes
151-02189 151-02189 Hellermanntyton Edge Clip, Low Profile 90 Metal, 1.52.0mm Panel Thickness, SS304
Cable Clamps & Clips
no image available LC 33 Datasheet
18 products
B&K Precision Clamp-On DMM Carrying Case
Test Equipment Options
no image available T75F-T0 Datasheet
75 products
Panduit Spiral Wrap;.75" (19.1mm) x 200'; Poly; Black
Sleeves & Tubing
no image available PT02SP-22-21S(304) Datasheet
20670 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; RECEPT
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available PT06SE-24-61P(101) Datasheet
20670 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; PLUG
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available NB-PTCO-135 Te Connectivity PTFA101TG02:ASSEMBLY; T
RB-0505S/E RB-0505S/E Image Match (2) Datasheet
16 products
RECOM Power Recom Isolated DC-DC Converter; Vin 4.5- 5.5 V dc
Converter (DC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available 2900337 Phoenix Contact PLC-INTERFACE w/ Switch, Output Relay, 12V, 36VDC, 50mA, DIN NS 35/7,5, PLC-RPT
Signal Relays
4349753 4349753 RS Pro by Allied Stainless Steel Padlockable Slide Bolt 101mm
Hose & Jubilee Clips
no image available CP16A2B3B1N4X GEMS Sensors Control Panel for Level Control System; pump up; 50K inverse; NEMA4X; Series CP16M
Level Controllers
no image available 831FC0300BHSBD PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/4NPTM; comp press; 30"HGVA
ATV320U07N4C ATV320U07N4C Image Match (5) Schneider Electric AC Drive, Compact, ATV320, IP20, 1HP, 400/480V, 3ph
AC Drives
TL50BLGY2R2CQ TL50BLGY2R2CQ Image Match (91) Datasheet
349 products
Banner Engineering TL50BL Tower LightGray Housing: 3-Color Indicato; 30047
no image available 50M050080N025 Essentra Components Pan Slotted Screw; M5 X.8 Thread; 25mmLg
BCC0A2F BCC0A2F Image Match (5) Balluff Connector/cable, PUR, 3.00 m, Drag chain compatible
Industrial Cable Assemblies
C0402C161F3JACAUTO C0402C161F3JACAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
2465 products
KEMET Cap Cer 0402 160pF 25V U2J±1% AUTO
Ceramic Capacitors
no image available 831HC3000DHSAF PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; comp press; 30"HGVA
PKG 3M-4/S90/S3048 PKG 3M-4/S90/S3048 Image Match (50) Datasheet
4898 products
Turck PKG 3M-4/S90/S3048; U-22818
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available TL1F8F8FU2M Siemens TAL POP 14-50R/2(5-20R2) 3GFCI NM PB2B
Circuit Breaker Accessories
no image available MS3108E22-11S Souriau Conn; Cir; MIL-5015; Plug; Metal; RtAngle; Solder; 22; Sh-Sz; 2 #16Cntss; Socket
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 86013-0 Dwyer Instruments MODEL 86013-0 (V)
V430-F000W03M-SRX V430-F000W03M-SRX Image Match (278) Datasheet
282 products
Omron Automation V420; 0.3 MP; AF; Wide; X-Mode; RS232; Ethernet; USB; MicroHAWK V430-F Series
Barcode Readers
no image available AA1-B0-12-450-1B2-C Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker, A-Series, Hydraulic-Magnetic
no image available DD2CXPT522BBX01SSXS00060 PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; IDT; 10ft; 1/4NPTM; static p
no image available R480140407 AVENTICS CCI-DA-063-0180-0071224110000200000000-B
no image available ET2805CP Grasslin by Intermatic TIME SWITCH ELEC; 1CH; ASTRO; 3
105576 105576 Image Match (2) Datasheet
3728 products
Brady Marine Standard Pipe Marker Tape; Vinyl; 4"W x 30 Yards L; Violet
Calibration & Warning Tags / Stickers
D38999/20FJ29HA-LC D38999/20FJ29HA-LC Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Connector; DTS 29C 29#16 PIN RECP
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
ERJP6WF9103V ERJP6WF9103V Image Match (132) Datasheet
214 products
Panasonic Thick Film Smnt Fixed Resistor 0805 Case 910kOhm ±1% 0.5W ±200ppm/degC
Film Resistors
CD-525 CD-525 Datasheet
8 products
Panduit Die insert used with CT-2500CH, to crimp 10-22 Awg Disconnects
3RA23158XB302AF0 3RA23158XB302AF0 Image Match (24) Siemens CONTACTOR REV S00 7A 110VAC SPRG
RAC03-15SGA RAC03-15SGA Image Match (3) Datasheet
3 products
RECOM Power Power Supply; AC-DC; 3W; 15V; 0.2A; 85-305V In; RAC03-GA Series
no image available MCP2210T-I/SO Datasheet
8 products
Microchip Technology USB to SPI Protocol Converter
USB Controllers
no image available AIHM8048520 Panasonic HM to RS485 com cable; open wires; 2m
123R,BK 123R,BK Datasheet
3 products
Serpac Enclosure, Box-Lid, Desktop, Plastic, Black, 4.1x2.6x2.5In, IP40, S Series
Electronic Enclosure
no image available SGE-225-2-0260L 05000C Omron Safety (Sti) SGE-225-2-0260L 05000C
Safety Edges & Safety Mats
no image available 310-13-163-41-001000 Mill-Max STANDARD SOCKET HEADER; 63 Pins; Gold over Nickel
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
no image available OXA30U3O4QT Abb TRUONE ATS 480V 30A LV4 3P+ON T
no image available THI 0522 TRACO Power Power Supply; 2W; 15V@0.065A;
Power Supply (AC-DC Power Supplies)
no image available 5-1415899-3 Te Connectivity Relay; RZ03-1C3-D006
no image available 004334219 Altech Fuse, NH2, aR, M, 300A, 690VAC 440VDC, For hNVS5, 50kA AC
no image available TDKEZW5 Microchip Technology CCS EZ Web Lynx 5V Module
Interface Development Kits
no image available 120072-0127 Molex Woodhead/Brad MIC 3P FP 3' 18/3PVC
BCS00RT BCS00RT Image Match (2) Balluff BCS - Capacitive Sensors; BCS M18TTI2-PSCFAG-AT05
Capacitive Proximity Sensors
0456030.ER 0456030.ER Datasheet
6 products
Littelfuse 30A FF Non-Resettable Surface Mount Fuse, 125 V ac
89-05KS-4R 89-05KS-4R Image Match (6) Te Connectivity Sensor; NISO; 1/4-18NPT; 5/8HEX; CABLE; Pressure; 89-05KS-4R
no image available RY2VUCAC120V IDEC Relay PCB DPDT 3A 120VAC
no image available 54207NT ABB Thomas & Betts Copper Two-Hole Lug; 2-3 AWG; 1/4"Bolt Size; Die Code 33; Die Color Code Brown
no image available DADS-AB-G6-8-80 Festo Covering; for DGSL mini slide; 8x80
Pneumatic Actuator Accessories
no image available 853-93-084-30-001000 Mill-Max STANDRD SOLDER TAIL DIP SOCKET; 84 Pins; Tin/Lead (93/7) over Nickel
IC Sockets, Plugs & Adapters
no image available LCCA30307-FT1.5 L-com Cable Assembly; Low Loss N Female to TNC Male; 1.5 FT
no image available D3V-64-2A4 Omron Electronic Components Miniature Basic
no image available T5S400BG0 Abb T5S 400 UL/CSA PR221DS-LS/I 400 3p
no image available DS7000-BW2T3 RIGOL Technologies Oscilloscope; Bandwidth Upgrade - 200 Mhz - 350MHz; DS7000 Series
Test Equipment Options
no image available QO220CAFI Square D Circuit Breaker, Mini, 2-P, 20A, 120/240VAC, 10K, Arc Fault, Pigtail Neutral
Miniature Circuit Breakers
no image available VM157522AB213B Norgren VALVE; NKZT 5/2 SOL/SOL WITH PIFS; VM15
no image available ACA3100F24-28PB(F80)(A232 Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Wall Mount; Recep; SZ-24
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 2223V-160 Bahco Tools STRIPPING PLIER 160MM
SST25VF016B-75-4I-S2AF SST25VF016B-75-4I-S2AF Microchip Technology IC, Memory,Type, Serial SPI,16Mbit (2Mx8),75MHz,SOIC-8
no image available IR212P Banner Engineering Fiber Ir212P
Photoelectric Sensors
no image available A3PA-5202 Omron Automation LEGEND PLATE
Pushbutton Switch Accessories
no image available 1700-632-B-12 RAF Round Standoff; 1/4 Rd X 1-1/2 Length
1754452 1754452 Phoenix Contact Pluggable Header 5mm 12AWG 320V 12A 3 Position COMBICON MSTB Series
Terminal Block Shrouded Headers
ELC18B151L ELC18B151L Image Match (27) Datasheet
298 products
Panasonic 150 uH ±10% Ferrite Leaded Inductor; 2.7A Idc; 72mOhms Rdc ELC18B
no image available 73943-5000 Molex HDM BckPlane Closed End Opt ST 144Ckt
no image available 600098-C Marinco Cls Series Red (C) Male Boot W/Screw
208267 208267 RS Pro by Allied Panel Mount Indicator Yellow LED 0.63"(16mm)Hole 130 vac/6mA Solder Tab
no image available D38999/26KE99SB Souriau Connector,Stainlesssteelplug,passivated,withfemalecontactsSz-17
D38999/23HE6SE D38999/23HE6SE Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/23HE6SEHermeticDTS24H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available EAMM-U-60-D32-55A-91 Festo Parallel Kit; for motor mt; sz 60; motor IF D32; actuator IF 55A
Pneumatic Actuators
D38999/27HB13CC D38999/27HB13CC Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/27HB13CCHermeticDTS23H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 8539SCA54V81AF4T Square D Combo Starter 600VAC 27A NEMA
Motor Accessories
no image available 19102A6 Eagle Signal Timer; electric handset; Panel mtg; 120VAC/60Hz; 16 sec
no image available OPB826S Datasheet
4 products
Optek (TT Electronics) Sensor, Transmissive, Slotted Optical Switch, Dual Channel, 2.54mm Slot, 890NM
Light Emitter / Detectors
no image available MA1-X-00-509-5-A22-B-C Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker; M-Series; Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available RT0W01210SNHEC Amphenol Sine/Tuchel Square Flange Receptacle; Female; with O-ring Seal and End Cap with Individual
no image available PFM0103 Datasheet
63 products
Panduit Non-Skid FLR TAPE; 2.00"X60'; BKYL

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