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no image available 831HV0015CHMBC PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; vac press; 0PSIG-30
no image available G1MP3-KLTPTL3G Abb PTT MOM EXT XFMR 380/24V GRN
Pushbutton Switch Accessories
0302287 0302287 Image Match (4) Phoenix Contact Switching Jumper,Number of positions: 2 Color: silver,SBJ 2-10/15
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
8337-6003 8337-6003 Datasheet
3 products
3M D-Sub Cable Socket, 37 Connector, Gray, Copper Alloy, 26, 28AWG, 8300 Series
no image available HW1LM2F10QDY6V IDEC 22mm Pushbutton Illuminated
no image available PLC3G822H06 ITT Cannon Circular Plastic Push Pull Inline Receptacle w/Nut Gray 6 Pin 6 A PLC Series
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available V25AS001-4ZZ00-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available RSC RKC E80-11M Turck Cordset; RSC RKC E80-11M; U-01249
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available HW2LM1F01QDS24V IDEC 22mm Pushbutton Illuminated
E2EX2MC28M1TJ03M E2EX2MC28M1TJ03M Image Match (83) Datasheet
2640 products
Omron Automation Inductive Proximity Sensor; 3-Wire; M8 2mm; NPN/NC; Short; E2E Next Series
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available MW-1-48-BLACK-BOX Datasheet
56 products
3M Tubing; Heat Shrink; Adhesive Lined; Blk Polyolefin; 48" L; 2.5:1 Shrink Ratio
no image available 6282-5SG-5XX Conxall MINI-CON CABLE #20 SOLDER
Standard Circular Connectors
3RW30171BB04 3RW30171BB04 Image Match (4) Siemens SOFTSTART; 11A; 3/3/7.5HP; 24V; SCRW
Soft Starters
2858881 2858881 Phoenix Contact TT-ST-2/2-24DC
Surge Protection Devices
ATM13-08PB-BM02 ATM13-08PB-BM02 Image Match (2) Datasheet
16 products
Amphenol Sine/Tuchel Connector; 8Pos; R/AFlange; PCBReceptacle; Potted; Gray; GoldPlated; Cont.KeyedB
Standard Rectangular Connectors
51006-0500 51006-0500 Image Match (2) Molex 2mm Pitch 5 Way 1 Row Male Straight PCBHousing 51006
Board Mount, Cable Connectors & Headers
22JG32AH81 22JG32AH81 Image Match (65) Siemens STARTER-FVR; SZ4; 3PH; OPN; 480V;
C0603C333J3RECAUTO C0603C333J3RECAUTO Image Match (6879) Datasheet
6936 products
KEMET Cap Cer 0603 33nF 25V X7R±5% 4K 7" Reel
Ceramic Capacitors
CN201J12S215Q CN201J12S215Q Image Match (2) Datasheet
31 products
C&K Switch, Rocker, DPDT, ON-NONE-ON, Black Actuator, No Legend, 16A, 125VAC.187 QC
Rocker Switches
E2E-X5B1D18-R 2M E2E-X5B1D18-R 2M Image Match (228) Datasheet
2640 products
Omron Automation Inductive Proximity Sensor; 3-Wire; DC; M18 5mm; PNP/NO; Short; E2E Next Series
Inductive Proximity Sensors
HX-1000-150-WT-S HX-1000-150-WT-S Image Match (20) Datasheet
598 products
Brady Polyolefin Single Sided Marking Sleeves; 1"Dia x 1.5"W x 100; White
Shrink Tubing
no image available BNS0051 Balluff Switch, Mechanical, Style 99 EGT, Snap contact, Spacing (T) None
Limit Switches
no image available 831HA0300BHSDC PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; abs press; 0-300PSI
no image available D38999/20MD19BN Datasheet
1276 products
Souriau Receptacle; Wall Mount
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available OEDL-75-3-6 Datasheet
96 products
Kilo International AL knob;.75 dia;.625 tall; clear matte; 1/8" shaft hole; line
3TH4355-0LB4 3TH4355-0LB4 Image Match (23) Siemens CONTROL RELAY; 24VDC; 5NO+5NC; EXTD COIL
no image available 170M3472 Bussmann by Eaton FUSE 550A 690V 1*BKN/50 AR UC
3RH21221AM20 3RH21221AM20 Image Match (14) Siemens CONTACTOR RELAY 2NO+2NC AC 208V SCREW
DC12.3102.001 DC12.3102.001 Image Match (109) Datasheet
115 products
Schurter Male C14 IEC Filter Panel Mount; Rated At 4A; 250 V ac
Power Entry Module (PEM)
YS6C YS6C Image Match (19) Burndy BUTT SPLICECE LONG 6
D38999/21HE35ZE D38999/21HE35ZE Image Match (32230) Datasheet
123426 products
TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch D38999/21HE35ZEHermeticDTS20H
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available R17-801-RNLG Norgren REGULATOR; PNEUMATIC; ALUMINUM; 1" G; TBAR
Pneumatic Regulators
no image available TA02A-B03-AAA90 Norgren C SERIES CYLINDER
MS3101A22-2P MS3101A22-2P Image Match (388) Datasheet
8667 products
Amphenol Industrial Conn MIL-DTL-5015 Circular PIN 3 POS Solder Cup ST Cable Mount 3 Terminal 1 Port
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available KPTC2E10-98PD Datasheet
4547 products
ITT Cannon Circular Connector Metal Commercial Pin Receptacle KPT Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
BCC0C8W BCC0C8W Image Match (40) Balluff Connector/cable; Female M12; Male M12; PVC; 6.00 m; Drag chain compatible
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available MS3110F18-11P Souriau Receptacle; Wall Mount
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
8.5020.385E.1024 8.5020.385E.1024 Image Match (1898) Datasheet
3619 products
Kuebler Encoder; Incremental; Fastening Arm; 15mm Bore; Push-Pull/10-30V; 1m; 1024 PPR
no image available M9MZ90SK4YS Panasonic IMDUCT MOTOR 90W 200/220V 3 PH
AC Motors
478765 478765 Datasheet
26 products
RS Pro by Allied Clamp hdl nylon stl insert M12x12 83 F
Adjustable Ratchet Handle
IEU0248D05 IEU0248D05 Image Match (42) Datasheet
28 products
XP Power DC-DC Converter, Thru Hole, DIP, 2W, 5V@200mA, 200mA, 36-75V In, IEU02 Series
DC-DC Converters
no image available 9710000000000000 Norgren VALVE; 3/2-5/2 G1/4 NAMUR; HERION
no image available MP4X1/4X4X1FF-PA2-V Fabco-Air Multi-Power, 4" Bore
no image available TIGL721-6S-BL-NBL Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
211392 211392 RS Pro by Allied Panel Mount Indicator Green LED Prominent 0.31in Hole 12VDC 20mA Solder Tab
Panel Mount Indicators
no image available 0822391015 AVENTICS KPZ-DA-020-0070-0041224110000200000000-B
UC-7112-LX UC-7112-LX Image Match (2) Moxa Arm-based palm-sized industrial computer with wide operating temperature; 2 seri
no image available FAL240401037 Square D Molded Case Circuit Breakers 2 Pole Thermal Magnetic 40A 480V FA Series
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
82-4151.2114 82-4151.2114 Image Match (25) Datasheet
150 products
EAO Pushbutton Switch,16mm,Steel,Flat,MAINT,24VAC/DC Red LED Ring,5A,250VAC,Solder
Pushbutton Switches
no image available TL1F77U2M Siemens TAL POP 14-50R/2(5-20R2G) GFCI NM PB2B
Circuit Breaker Accessories Image Match (4) Datasheet
6 products
FINDER SPST-NO DIN Rail Panel Mount Interface Relay Module Screwless; 5A 16.8 to 30V dc
Solid State Relays
no image available 1591387 Phoenix Contact Terminal Block Connector, KC-02011EE51005
Terminal Block Connectors
60232 60232 Image Match (33) Datasheet
600 products
Wiha Tools 3/8 Socket 12 Point 11.0 x 25.5mm
170533 170533 Image Match (2) Datasheet
80 products
Brady Thank You For Social Distancing Bi-lingual(COVID-19)Vinyl Flr Sign 8.5"Hx11"W
Labels, Signs & Printers
no image available 8501RS14P14V36 Schneider Electric RELAY 240VAC 5AMP TYPE R +OPTIONS Pack of 25
Power Relays
3UG4617-1CR20 3UG4617-1CR20 Image Match (5) Siemens Phase Monitoring Relay, 160-690 V, 3A, DIN Rail, Screw Terminal, 3UG Series
Monitoring Relays
no image available A303110 Eaton Electronics A303110-NL
no image available WI030K15 Datasheet
324 products
Acme Electric Medium Voltage Transformer - Three Phase, 2400? - 600Y//347V, 30kVA
Industrial Transformers
1034300 1034300 RS Pro by Allied Raspberry Pi 3 B/ 2 B / B+ Cases 2-Part Case Black SD Card Connector Vent Slots
Backpacks & Cases
no image available VUWS-LT25-M32C-M-N14 Festo Valve; air; 3/2 NC; inline; 1000L/min; G1/4; monostable; mech spring reset
Air Operated Valve
no image available DCTC0150EPT091T PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transducer; compound; 0-150 PSI; SS; 1" N
no image available 239136-1 Te Connectivity Circular Connector, key
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available AP7312-1525FM-7 Datasheet
16 products
Diodes LDO; Regulator; Pos; reg; 2.5V; 0.15A; DFN6 EP
BI15U-Q20-AP6X2 BI15U-Q20-AP6X2 Image Match (2) Turck ProXimity Sensor, 20mm Range, 3 Wire, 10-30VDC, 2m, PUR, M1608800
Inductive Proximity Sensors
FR01SC10P FR01SC10P Datasheet
102 products
NKK Switches Switch,Dip Rotary,Dial Actuation,Yellow Act,Decimal Pos,100mA,5VDC,Str PC
Rotary Switches
no image available LW6K31C2B IDEC 25mm Key Switch 2 Position
1863031 1863031 Image Match (3) RS Pro by Allied Male HDMI Type D Plug to Male HDMI Cable Plug; Black; 1m
Audio & Video Cables
no image available D38999/20ZE35PA Souriau Receptacle; Wall Mount
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
no image available 2GA55-NBL3XIN3 Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; General Purpose; G Series
Toggle Switches
52001230 52001230 Image Match (50) Datasheet
50 products
Lapp Group Skindicht Sr Gland W/Neoprene, Ip65, Pg48/Pg44, Nickel-Plated Brass
Liquid Tight Strain Relief
1213915 1213915 RS Pro by Allied Patchcord MultimodeSC - SC Aqua 3m
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
1869957 1869957 RS Pro by Allied Dry Wipes Re-usable Premium Absorption Blue 9 x 15 in Box Of 200
Wipes / Pads / Cloths
no image available MA1-B-32-420-1-A12-B-C Carling Technologies Circuit Breaker; M-Series; Hydraulic-Magnetic
Equipment Circuit Breakers
no image available H221000114301 Datasheet
2477 products
no image available V112HWHB-A8A75-1 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
LCBS-TM-16-01 LCBS-TM-16-01 Image Match (2) Datasheet
33 products
Essentra Components Spacer; Dual Lock; Natural; 5/16 in
2800190 2800190 Phoenix Contact Surge protector; DIN Rail; VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5 ST
Surge Protection Devices
14CP32WC81 14CP32WC81 Image Match (208) Siemens STARTER-FVNR; SZ0; 3PH; N4S; 240/480V
no image available 801-41-038-20-001000 Mill-Max STD SPRING-LOADED CONNECTOR; 38 Pins; Tin (matte) over Nickel
IC Sockets, Plugs & Adapters
no image available 1610 1 1/2 Martin Sprocket & Gear Bushing; Taper-Lock 1610; 1 1/2" bore; steel
no image available CKEC-50-V Norgren REPAIR KIT; FOR CYLINDER; EC HI TEMP
1SMB22AT3G 1SMB22AT3G Image Match (68) Datasheet
31 products
ON Semiconductor TVSS,Zener,For Industrial Equip,16.9A,SMD,Solder Term,0.214"Lx0.14"Wx0.084"H
no image available HSM HKM 4800-1279-0.6 Turck HSM HKM 4800-1279-0.6; U-70127
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available HW1S2TF00 IDEC 22mm 2Pos Sel Sw w-out contact
09185346917 09185346917 Image Match (90) Harting SEK-18 SV MA STD STRWW RKZ 34P PL2
GX-F8AI GX-F8AI Image Match (3) Datasheet
49 products
Panasonic ProXimity Sensor, Diffused, 2.5mm Range, 3 Wire, NPN, NO, Front
Inductive Proximity Sensors
no image available 0822406440 AVENTICS KHZ-SA-032-0005-M
no image available V096536R-X0130 Norgren 6MM 5/2 SUB BASE PILOT SPRING*
no image available 1SNA175145R2000 Te Connectivity FEMALE CONTACT MF16 N.1,Entrelec
Terminal Block Connectors
no image available KWS-R-15 Bussmann by Eaton Fuse Class RK1 Fast Blow Limitron 600V 15A
no image available LTILA54-6S-WH-RC-NBL/28V Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Full Sized; Tippette Series
Rocker Switches
HD200-NIST HD200-NIST Image Match (3) Datasheet
3 products
FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc. - Extech THERMOMETER WITH NIST; HD200
no image available 2M1-DP6-T2-B4-VS2QE Carling Technologies Toggle Switch; 2M Series; Miniature
Toggle Switches
26205 26205 Image Match (2) Datasheet
272 products
Wiha Tools Screwdriver; Precision PoziDriv; #0 x 50mm
Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
no image available CA0161A22301012 Amphenol Sine/Tuchel CableAssembly; 4PosCircularMolded; MaletoLeads; 14AWG; PVC; TC-ER; 1Meter
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available WRJ45ES FKSDED 423-0.2M Turck CORDSET UX18376
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 86021-0 Dwyer Instruments MODEL 86021-0 (V)
no image available XT3SU3225AFF000XXX Abb Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 3-Pole, 225A, 600Y/347VAC/500VDC, Tmax XT Series
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
no image available 401130 Amphenol Alden connector; plastic circ; in-line cable recept; 5 #22 solder socket cont; no backshel
Standard Circular Connectors
PM5R3-BCW20.0 PM5R3-BCW20.0 Image Match (80) Datasheet
8 products
Bivar Pnl-Mnt Indicators Recessed 5mm Bi-Color Red/Green LED wWht Diffused 20in. Wire
no image available CD-04AFMM-RL8D03 Amphenol LTW Technology Connector; RBL OVERMOLDED CABLE MIDDLE SIZE 5A 4P F CONN M PIN
no image available NB-CG0.7 L-com PC HUB Cord Grip w/ Lock Nut (.197-.394)
no image available 3RA1943-3D Siemens CONTACTOR WIRING MODULE TOP
no image available 95-902-451-024 Amphenol Rf SMA Plug to SMA Plug on Tflex 405 cable; Stainless Steel Anti-Torque; 24 in
Coaxial / RF Cables
5AD5V 5AD5V Image Match (136) Datasheet
2 products
Bivar LED Through Hole 5mm Amber 605nm 25mcd Diffused Lens 5VDC 45 Deg Viewing Angle
3026081 3026081 Phoenix Contact Insertion Bridge, Term Blk, 4, Fully Insulated
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
3215058 3215058 Image Match (2) Phoenix Contact Insertion bridge; L:78.4 mm; W:85.7 mm; 3 pos; red; EB 3-31/PT
Terminal Block Jumpers / Bridges
no image available AYLD31120DNUS Datasheet
3898 products
IDEC 30mm TWND Series Dcast Zinc Illum E-stop Mushroom Push-Pull Blue
Emergency Stop Push Buttons
1486B 1486B Image Match (2) Blue Sea Systems Panel 360 230Vac Rotary65A Off+2 (Flm- 1)
no image available RNC50H12R4FMB14 Datasheet
57772 products
Vishay Dale Resistor; Metal Film; ERC-50 12.4 1% T-2 RNC50H12R4FM B14
Film Resistors
no image available MLBL-05L Abb LBLK LED 110-130V DC BLU
no image available P-RKGV 4.4T-698-5 Turck Process Automation; Cordset; P-RKGV 4.4T-698-5
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available HBLTRIM2WGY Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Wall Box Trim Plate; 2G; Gy
5-4930-1.5 5-4930-1.5 Image Match (15) Datasheet
351 products
Tapecase 3M VHB; 25 mil; Acrylic - 1.5in DIA Circles
FOA-500A FOA-500A Datasheet
2 products
Fiber Optic Couplers
no image available 929834-07-26-RK Datasheet
4193 products
3M 3M(TM) Pin Strip Header Single and DualRow; 929 Series; 929834-07-26-RK
1730729 1730729 Image Match (2) RS Pro by Allied Potentiometer Wirewound 25Ohm 1W 10% 0.25"(6.35mm) Shaft Dia Panel Mount
no image available 13101ANS8126 Eaton - Cutler Hammer MODIFIED PHOTOELECTRIC - 13101AQD07 W/ 3 PIN PICO CONN. NPN
1268184 1268184 RS Pro by Allied Laser Distance Meter LCD Display 100m 4000h ClassII Laser 635nm RSLDM-100H
Test Meters
no image available SGE-225-0-1100 05000C-05000C Omron Safety (Sti) SGE-225-0-1100 05000C-05000C
Safety Controllers
no image available PND4-CF0.750 Fabco-Air Cylinder; industry interchangeable; 1-1/2" Bore; dbl act; Pancake II
Pneumatic Actuators
no image available 2510FS4P Square D FHP Manual Starter - SS Flush Mount - 2P - Key Operated - Red Indicator - 277VAC
no image available XS2W-D425-Y81-R Omron Electronic Components CONNECTOR
no image available AS6030150PN Omron Safety (Sti) SYS; AS60-30-150-PN
1426301 1426301 Phoenix Contact NBC-M 8MS/ 1 0-93C/M 8MS
no image available 2BL63-73 Datasheet
383 products
Carling Technologies Switch; Toggle; Heavy Action; 110/216 Series
Toggle Switches
no image available BCC0H01 Balluff Connector/cable, Male M12, Male RJ45, TPE shielded, 50.00 m
Industrial Cable Assemblies
4559635 4559635 Datasheet
3 products
RS Pro by Allied Standard In-Line Plug Connector In-Line Plug For Type T Thermocouple
Thermocouple & Probe Accessories
no image available B100X130S/W-R Datasheet
59 products
Altech Wire Duct; 100x130mm; 2m(4); slotted; White
Duct, Raceway & Tray
TLK282 TLK282 Datasheet
63 products
Cable Assembly Kits / Sets
no image available 4265107 Altech Fuse, HV, VVC, 442mm, 16A, 20/36kV, d=53, striker 50N
no image available DM118NJC Hammond Power Solutions DRIVE 3PH 118KVA 575-460 CU
5227632 5227632 Datasheet
11 products
RS Pro by Allied HSS M18 Straight Flute Second ThreadingTap
Threading Tools
no image available STEC11B04 Alps CONTACTING ENCODER DIAM:11MM EC 11B
EM3770T-8 EM3770T-8 Image Match (38) Baldor-Reliance AC Motor, 7.5HP, 1770 rpm, 3-Ph, 213T, 0738M, TEFC, Super-E Series
AC Motors
no image available RGS1A23A50KKEDIN Carlo Gavazzi Solid-State Relay,Zero Switch,SPST,NO,12A,24-253VAC,20-275VAC,DIN,RGS1 Series
Solid State Relays
30818277 30818277 Datasheet
31 products
Schroff Unshielded Front Panel, Aluminum, 3Ux8 HP, for VME, VME64x, & cPCI Applications
Subrack / Card Cage Front Panels & Covers
no image available PCM-161 Panduit Wire Marker Card; Vinyl Cloth; '161'
no image available ACA3100G14S-6PB(A233) Datasheet
12767 products
Amphenol Industrial Connector; Bayonet; Wall Mount; Recep; SZ-14S
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
FN3120H-150-40 FN3120H-150-40 Image Match (6) Datasheet
6 products
Schaffner 3-Phase 150 A Chassis Mount RE-GEN. Drive Filter Safety Block High Voltage
no image available 1589054-4 Te Connectivity STL03711500SCN = SOLDER CUP
Soldering Accessories & Spare Parts
97-3106B-20-23S(639) 97-3106B-20-23S(639) Image Match (452) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Straight Straight Plug,Metal, sz 20,2#8,Clear,MIL-5015,97 Series
AT495 AT495 Datasheet
1296 products
NKK Switches Accessory, Switch Dust Cover, Square, Polyvinyl Chloride, Series KB
no image available HC5265000A240 Datasheet
515 products
SA3/0-5 SA3/0-5 Image Match (6) Datasheet
17 products
Panduit Aluminum splice; type SA; tin plated; 3/0 AWG
UPS1H330MED UPS1H330MED Image Match (49) Datasheet
50 products
Nichicon 33uF 50 V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor; PS Series 2000h 6.3 (Dia.) x 11mm
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
no image available V6DA160B-00000-000 Carling Technologies Rocker Switch; Sealed; Contura; V-Series
Rocker Switches
no image available T5S600BWLP Abb T5S 600 UL/CSA PR221DS-LS/I 600 3p
no image available G2RK-2A DC12 Omron Electronic Components DPST-NO; 5A Latching 12VDC
no image available KPSE02E20-39SX ITT Cannon Circular Connector, 39C 37 # 20 2 # 16 Socket, Receptacle, KPSE Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
97-3106A-22-13P(936) 97-3106A-22-13P(936) Image Match (1682) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Straight Plug,Circular Connectors,Male,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors
BPA-1524 BPA-1524 BUD Industries Plate, Bottom, AC-414, Aluminum, 0.040 in., 0.187 in., 0.781 in., Natural
Enclosure Covers
no image available SPT30A Datasheet
2 products
Bogen Communications Horn; 225 Hz to 14 kHz; 30 W; -22; 11 in. Dia.x 10-1/2 in. D; Plastic; 6 lbs
Q10F5SXXW02E Q10F5SXXW02E Image Match (6) Datasheet
26 products
APEM Components LED Indicator Sealed 10mm Flush SS Fixed White 2VDC Epoxy Wire
no image available HX 48 White-Rodgers Filter Drier Core for Highest Water Removal
Filter Drier
DE-9S-0L2-A191-A197 DE-9S-0L2-A191-A197 Image Match (15) Datasheet
2 products
ITT Cannon ORIGINAL D Series; 9 Way Through Hole Mount PCB D-sub Conn Socket; 2.74mm Pitch
D-Sub Connectors
no image available MDME104S1D Panasonic A5 -1.0KW 17 Bit Absolute Encoder; 400V Motor; Round Shaft w/Brake (OS)
Servo Motors
AT27-003-1200 AT27-003-1200 Datasheet
3 products
Amphenol Sine/Tuchel Mounting clip; stainless steel;.433 [11.00 mm] dia. Hole
no image available 3RW4434-6BC35 Siemens SOFT START; 100A; 75/75/HP; 120V; SCRW
no image available 117051 Datasheet
17 products
LUTZE High Flexing Electronic Cable; 22 AWG/0.34mm 5C; Grey PUR; 300V UL AWM
K50LGBW2P K50LGBW2P Image Match (183) Datasheet
63 products
Banner Engineering Indicator Light, 50mm, 18-30VDC, PNP, GRN/BLU/WHT, 2m CBL, K50 Series
Panel Mount Indicators
UB2000-30GM-H3-V1 UB2000-30GM-H3-V1 Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation Sensor; Ultrasonic; 130473
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors
no image available VSVA-B-P53E-D-D1-1R5L Festo Valve; ISO5599-1; 5/3 mid posit exh; 42mm; int pilot; 24VDC M12; LED
Mechanical Valves
PXP6011/22S/CR/0910 PXP6011/22S/CR/0910 Image Match (10) Datasheet
56 products
Bulgin Flex in-line connector; 22 pole socket contacts
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available 831HA0015DLMBE PMT Pressure Sensors Pressure Transmitter; 1/2NPTM; abs press; 0-15PSI;
no image available EM256511VL Eaton Electronics EUROMAG EM2565 SERIES; 11 POLE
no image available 72555-23-55PA TE Connectivity DEUTSCH Deutsch 72555-23-55PAHERMRECP
Standard Circular Connectors
no image available A201324 Eaton Electronics BARRIER STRIP; 2000
no image available GSDA GKDA 30-11.5M/S1055 Datasheet
1912 products
Turck GSDA GKDA 30-11.5M/S1055, U-80839
Industrial Cable Assemblies
no image available 97-3100-22-19S(541) Datasheet
15680 products
Amphenol Industrial Circular Connector Receptacle,Female,MIL-5015,97 Series
MIL-Spec Circular Connectors

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